MFC Bulletins

From 1981 to 1990
1981Jan.61Pesticide ResistanceAgarwal AnilMalariaArticle
1981Jan.61To Inject Or Not To
Aitkin JanetTuberculosisView Point
1981Jan.61Pesticides : A
Necessary Evil
Bhat Ramesh VEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1981Jan.61From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SEnvironmental & Occupational HealthEditorial
1981Jan.61Some More Activities
Medico Friend CircleHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsReport
1981Jan.61How Pure Is Our Food?World HealthEnvironmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1981Feb.62Research : A Method
Of Colonization
Chowdhury ZafrullahScience & PeopleArticle
1981Feb.62Medical Education
& Training Of Interns
Jain T.PMedical EducationView Point
1981Feb.62Role Of The Village
Health Worker - A Glorified Image
Jajoo UlhasCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1981Mar.63A Search For
Mankad DhruvRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1981Mar.63RUHSA (Rural Unit
For Health & Social Afffairs)
Phadke AnantHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsReport
1981Mar.63The Caste - War By
Phadke AnantMedical EducationArticle
Participation & Economic Self Reliance In Community Health
Bang AbhayHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1981April64CommunicaitonParekh Bipin KDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationLetter
1981April64Important Facts
About The Medicos Agitation In Gujarat
Phadke AnantMedical EducationArticle
1981April64Herbal Remedies
& Medical Relief
Vad B.GIndigenous MedicineArticle
1981May65How Safe Is The Pill?Bamji Mahtab SContraception & AbortionArticle
1981May65From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SContraception & AbortionEditorial
1981May65Towards A New
Immunization Strategy
Nadkarni NitinChildren & HealthArticle
Contraceptive Research
Norsigian JudyContraception & AbortionExtract
1981May65UPJOHN, Depo-Provera
& The Third World
Woman KenyaDrug MisuseArtilce
Participation In Primary Health Care
Jajoo UlhasHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1981June66From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth During Mass CalamityEditorial
1981June66Dear FriendWagh HemantRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1981June66Emergency Care In
Natural Disaters
WHO Technical ReportHealth During Mass CalamityReport
1981July67What Development
Workers Expect From Health Planners
Clerk AndrewHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1981July67Women & Health,
Report Of A Workshop
Jaya Rao Kamala SSexist Bias In HealthReport
1981July67FAO : The Pesticide
Linear MarcusMalariaArticle
1981July67Basic(K) Medical
Medical JournalMedical EducationExtract
1981July67Ayurvedic Drug
Multani Dev Kaviraj PurushottamIndigenous MedicineArticle
1981July67Family Planning
& The Problem Of Resources
Phadke AnantPopulation Growth & ControlDialogue
1981July67CommunicationRao MohanRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1981Aug.68Reflections On
Health Care In Cuba
Conover S, Donovan S & Susser EHealth Services in Other CountriesExtract
1981Aug.68Oral Rehydration
With Dirty Water?
Feachem RichardDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1981Aug.68Scientists In
Panth MeenaScience & PeoplePoem
1981Aug.68The Biannual
Executive Committee Meet At Hyderabad
Phadke AnantMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1981Aug.68The High Cost Of
Pune Journal Of Continuing Health EDrug Industry MalpracticeReport
1981Aug.68A Reorientation Of
Medical Education
Tharyan TharyanMedical EducationArticle
1981Sept.69Third International
Conference On Women & Health
Bang RaniSexist Bias In HealthNews
1981Sept.69Serving The
Unserved, PHCs For Psychiatric Care
Chandrashekar C.RMental HealthArticle
1981Sept.69Third International
Conferene On Women & Health
Medico Friend CircleWomen & HealthReport
1981Sept.69Health-Care &
Werner DavidRole of MFC & MembersExtract
1981Oct.70From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SCommunity Health WorkerEditorial
1981Oct.70Accident-Prone-ChildrenSingh TejinderChildren & HealthArticle
1981Oct.70Dear Friend
(Comparative Costs Of Drug Brands)
Surana SubhashDrug Industry MalpracticeLetter
1981Oct.70Barefoot Or
Professional? Community Health Workers In The Third World
Vaughan J.PCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1981Nov.71Male ContraceptionBamji MahatabContraception & AbortionArticle
1981Nov.71Nurse : The Woman In
The Medical System
Bang RaniProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1981Nov.71Abortion And
Population ReportsContraception & AbortionReport
1981Nov.71Abortion In IndiaPopulation ReportsContraception & AbortionReport
1981Nov.71Complications Of
Abortion In Developing Countries
Population ReportsContraception & AbortionReport
1981Dec.72The Disabled ChildUNICEFChildren & HealthExtract
1981Dec.72Food Requirements As
A Basis For Minimum Wages
Bang AbhayNutrition & HungerArticle
1981Dec.72Nurse- The Woman In
The Medical System - II
Bang RaniProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1981Dec.72The Best Foot ForwardScience For VillagesScience & PeopleExtract
1982Jan.-Feb.73-74Sri Lanka's
Experience With Bulk Purchasing
Agarwal AnilDrug Industry MalpracticeExtract
1982Jan.-Feb.73-74Vietnam: Herbs
& War
Agarwal AnilDrug Industry MalpracticeExtract
1982Jan.-Feb.73-74MNC's THWART
Indigenous Technology
Chaudhary SudipIndigenous MedicineExtract
1982Jan.-Feb.73-74If There Are No
Side Effects, This Must Be Argentina
Health & SocietyDrug Industry MalpracticeExtract
A Non-Scientific Hybridization
Jaya Rao Kamala SIndigenous MedicineArticle
Strategies Of Drug Companies
Mujumdar J.SDrug Policy AlternativesExtract
1982Jan.-Feb.73-74Multinationals In
Indian Drug Industry, No Positive Role To Play
Phadke AnantDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1982Jan.-Feb.73-74The Committee For
Rational Drug Policy
Phadke AnantDrug Policy AlternativesArticle
1982Mar.75Towards A Relevant
Drug Policy
Agarwal AnilDrug Policy AlternativesExtract
1982Mar.75Report Of The MFC
Annual Meet
Mankad DhruvDrug MisuseReport
1982Mar.75Hazards Of Hormonal
Pregnancy Test
Mathur V.SDrug MisuseArticle
1982Mar.75From The Editor's
Phadke AnantDrug MisuseEditorial
1982Mar.75From The Horses MouthPhysicians DeskDrug MisuseExtract
1982April76Other Side Of Health
Bang Abhay & Bang RaniScience & PeopleArticle
1982April76Nutritional Basis Of
Minimum Wages
Gopalan CNutrition & HungerArticle
1982April76From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerEditorial
1982April76Attention Please!
Campaign Irrational Use Of Drugs
Medico Friend CircleDrug MisuseNews
1982April76Dear FriendPhadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1982April76Dear FriendVaidya Ashok B, JayaRao Kamala, Phadke Anant, GanguliDrug Industry MalpracticeDialogue
1982May77Dear Friend (Ban On
Liquid Tetracycline)
Anand RajDrug MisuseLetter
1982May77Boycott Against
Nestle Pays Off
INFACT, USANutrition & HungerNews
1982May77Health Action
IOCU NewsletterHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsNews
1982May77Misuse Of
Antibiotics, Antimicrobials
Jajoo UlhasDrug MisuseArticle
1982May77From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SLathyrismEditorial
1982May77Primary Health Care
: The Real Picture
Ramprasad VanajaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1982June78Dear FriendBang AbhayNutrition & HungerLetter
1982June78DialogueGanguli MananDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationDialogue
1982June78From The Editor's
Desk (Imports of Bulk Drugs)
Jaya Rao Kamala SDrug Industry MalpracticeEditorial
1982June78Rice Powder As An
Alternative Of Sucrose In Oral Rehydration Solution
Molla Majid ADiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1982June78Treatment Of Acute
Diarrhoea In Children
Steinhoff M.CDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1982July79Priorities For
Diarrhoeal Disease Control
Feachem RichardDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1982July79From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala STuberculosisEditorial
1982July79Health For All : An
Alternative Strategy
Subramanian AshokHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1982Aug.80Calcutta National
Welfare Organisation
George ThomasHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1982Aug.80High Cost MedicineJajoo UlhasDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1982Aug.80Dear FriendMankad DhruvRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1982Aug.80Keeping Track-INarayan RaviHealth Services - GeneralNews
1982Aug.80Banning Hormonal
Pregnancy Drugs-Only A Partial Victory
Phadke AnantDrug MisuseEditorial
1982Sept.81Low-Cost Drug TherapyJajoo UlhasRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1982Sept.81From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SScience & PeopleEditorial
1982Sept.81Keeping Track-IINarayan RaviHealth Services - GeneralNews
1982Sept.81Educational Campaign
Against Diarrhoea
Phadke AnantDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationNews
1982Sept.81Why PHCs Have
Failed, Reflections Of An Intern
Swaminathan SHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1982Oct.82Dear Friend (Misuse
Of Anabolic Steroids)
Balasubrahmanyan VimalDrug MisuseLetter
1982Oct.82Agriculture &
Chapin G & Wasserstrom RMalariaExtract
1982Oct.82Malaria & Global
Farid M.AMalariaArticle
1982Oct.82From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SMalariaEditorial
1982Oct.82Environmental Cancer
In India
Krishnamurty C.REnvironmental & Occupational HealthAbstract
1982Oct.82MFC Resolution On
Events In Bangladesh
Medico Friend CircleDrug Policy AlternativesReport
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1982Oct.82Mid-Annual Executive
Committee Meeting
Phadke AnantMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1982Nov.83From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerEditorial
1982Nov.83Drugs In PregnancyPatki PralhadDrug MisuseArticle
1982Nov.83Drug Workshop At
Phadke AnantRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1982Nov.83IXth MFC Annual MeetPhadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersReport
1982Dec.84Integrated Health
Programmes : Some Questions
Dandekar M.P and Karandikar V.NHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1982Dec.84Drug-Workshop At
Phadke AnantDrug Policy AlternativesReport
1982Dec.84The Nestle BoycottJaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerReport
1982Dec.84From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerEditorial
1982Dec.84International Code
Of Marketing Of Breast-Milk-Substitutes
Lucey J.FNutrition & HungerArticle
1982Dec.84The `Infant Formula
Controversy' : A Notorious Threat Of Reason In Matter
May Charles DNutrition & HungerArticle
1982Dec.84IXth MFC Annual MeetPhadke AnantMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1982Dec.84Breast Versus
Bottle-Scientific Evidence
Plank S & Milanesr (Extract)Maternal HealthNews
Scientific Procedures
Ehrenreich Barbara & English DSexist Bias In HealthExtract
1983Jan.-Feb.85-86Witches, Healers
& Gentleman Doctors
Ehrenreich Barbara & English DeirdreSexist Bias In HealthExtract
1983Jan.-Feb.85-86Taking The Men
Out Of Menopause
Grossman Marlyn & Bart PaulineSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1983Jan.-Feb.85-86Not So GloriousPhadke AnantSexist Bias In HealthEditorial
1983Jan.-Feb.85-86The Women's
Health Movement
Ruzek S BSexist Bias In HealthBook Review
Laboratory Manual For Tropical Countries
World Health ForumMisc.: Technical & MedicalBook Review
1983Mar.87Prejudice Against
Women In Medical Care
Gupte-Awasthi Manisha, Chatterji Mirai & Patel VibhutSexist Bias In HealthReport
1983Mar.87Wrong Choice, Wrong
Jaya Rao Kamala SDrug MisuseEditorial
1983Mar.87Session V:
Evaluation Of The Discussion
Phadke AnantSexist Bias In HealthReport
1983Mar.87The Controversy
Around Depo-Provera
Sun MarjorieDrug MisuseArticle
1983April88From The Editors DeskJaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services in Other CountriesEditorial
1983April88All India Convention
Of Peoples Science Movement
Medico Friend CircleScience & PeopleReport
1983April88Appropriate Strategy
For Childhood Immunisation In India
Nayyar Vineet & Sharda LChildren & HealthArticle
1983April88Life In The VaccineReview Of International Development Research CentreChildren & HealthExtract
1983May89Is BCG Vaccination
Jaya Rao Kamala STuberculosisArticle
1983May89People & Health
- A Brief Report On The Dhaka Conference
Mankad DhruvMedical EducationReport
1983May89Conclusions &
Recomendations Of The Conference
Mankad Dhruv, Anant, Padma & SatyaHealth Services - GeneralReport
1983May89Letter To EditorSadgopal MiraContraception & AbortionLetter
Therapeutics Selection Of Appropriate Drug
Jajoo UlhasRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1983June90From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationEditorial
1983June90Weaning Food &
Medico Friend CircleNutrition & HungerNews
1983June90Health For All By
The Year 2000, A Great Polemic Dissolves Into Platitude
Nabarro DavidHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1983July91How Successful Are
Supplementary Feeding Programme
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerArticle
1983July91The Ban On Private
Jaya Rao Kamala SProblems Of DoctorsEditorial
1983July91Myths About
Medical News GroupDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationExtract
1983July91Health For All By
The Year 2000, A Great Polemic Dissolves into platitude
Nabarro DavidHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1983July91Conclusions Reached
By The Drug Sub-Group At The National Health Policy
Shiva Mira & Mazumdar J.SDrug Policy AlternativesReport
1983Aug.92Single Dose Therapy
For Acute Infections
Bang AbhayRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1983Aug.92Centenary Of
Tuberculosis Bacillus
Hardenia Rajendra & Bhattacharya GoTuberculosisArticle
1983Aug.92World Health
Authorities Condemn Industry Practice
Kakitahi J.TNutrition & HungerArticle
1983Aug.92Antibiotic TherapyMedical Clinics Of North AmericaRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1983Aug.92Letter To The EditorPatki P.SMaternal HealthLetter
Malpractice In Drug Promotion: A Case-Study From Brazil
Victora Cesar GDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1983Sept.93Why Soya Bean?Acharya K.TNutrition & HungerArticle
1983Sept.93From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SContraception & AbortionEditorial
1983Sept.93Medical Ethics &
Medical Action ForumProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1983Sept.93Antibiotics In
Developing Countries
Medico Friend CircleDrug MisuseNews
1983Sept.93Naturopaths In The
PediatricsIndigenous MedicineExtract
1983Sept.93Health Care Vs. The
Struggle For Life (Part-I)
Sadgopal MiraTuberculosisArticle
1983Oct.94Health For All?Jesani Amar, Prakash PadmaHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1983Oct.94More On AspirinNagar NagendranathRational Drug Therapy & ActionLetter
1983Oct.94Health Care Vs. The
Struggle For Life (Part II)
Sadgopal MiraTuberculosisArticle
1983Oct.94Rural Nutrition
Education: A Futile Effort?
Umapathy PadmaScience & PeopleArticle
1983Nov.95Sex Determination
Test : A Technology Which Will Eliminate Women
Chhachhi Amrita & Sathyamala CSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1983Nov.95Battle Of The Body :
Antibiotics Versus Supergerms
Consumer Interpol FocusDrug MisuseExtract
1983Nov.95Tobacco SicknessJaya Rao Kamala SEnvironmental & Occupational HealthEditorial
1983Nov.95Health Problems Of
Tobacco Processing Workers
Mankad DhruvEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1983Dec.96Misuse Of
Jajoo UlhasMisuse Of DrugsArticle
1983Dec.96Fancy, Fallacy &
Facts About Fixed-Dose Formulat
Kulkarni S.KRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1983Dec.96Campaign Against The
Irrational Production & Marketing Drugs
Medico Friend CircleDrug Industry MalpracticeNews
1983Dec.96Is Antitubercular
Treatment Really Very Expensive?
Nagar NagendranathTuberculosisArticle
1983Dec.96X M.F.C Annual MeetPhadke AnantMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1984Jan.-Feb.97 - 98From The Editor's
Jaya Rao Kamala SMedical EducationEditorial
1984Jan.-Feb.97 - 98150 Years Of
Medical Education, Rhetoric & Relevance
Narayan RaviMedical EducationArticle
1984Jan.-Feb.97 - 98Innovative
Programmes In Medical Education : Three Case Studies
Sathyamala CMedical EducationArticle
1984Mar.99Report Of The X
General Body Meeting
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1984Mar.99Drug Action Network
Phadke AnantRational Drug Therapy & ActionReport
1984Mar.99Why An Alternative
Medical Education Is Necessary
Sathyamala C, Khanna Lalit & Indu KapoorMedical EducationReport
1984April-May100At the Hundredth
Naryan Ravi & ThelmaMFC BulletinArticle
1984April-May100Ten Years with
MFC : My Personal view
Patel AshwinMFC BulletinArticle
1984April-May100Looking AheadPhadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1984April-May100-101From The
Editor's Desk
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1984April-May100-101At The Hundreth
Narayan Ravi & Thelma NarayanMFC BulletinArticle
1984April-May100-101Ten Years With
MFC : My Personal View
Patel AshvinRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1984April-May100-101Looking Ahead...Phadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1984June102Dear FriendsChaterjee PrabirMedical EducationLetter
1984June102Nuclear War &
Narayan RaviScience & PeopleEditorial
1984June102Self Sufficiency In
Health Care
Narayan RaviHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1984June102A Call For An End To
The Nuclear Arms Race
IPPNWScience & PeopleArticle
1984June102Towards An
Appropriate Strategy
Jajoo UlhasHealth Services - GeneralArtilce
1984June102The Final Epidemic,
The Medical Consequences Of Nuclear War
Kamath P.SScience & PeopleArticle
1984June102Keeping TrackMedico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralNews
1984June102From The New OfficeNarayan RaviRole of MFC & MembersEditorial
1984June102Medical Education - IUhrig Jamie Uhrig & Dawson PennyMedical EducationLetter
1984July103Rational Drug PolicyAIDANDrug Policy AlternativesA Drug Action Network
1984July103Drug Alert!  Drugs For Arthritis In The DockCommunity Health Cell, BangaloreDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1984July103Keeping TrackMedico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralNews
1984July103Dear Friend...Nanavati KartikTuberculosisLetter
1984July103EditorialNarayan RaviDrug MisuseEditorial
1984July103Medical Care- A
Critique & Beyond
SatchidanandanProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1984July103Tuberculosis -
Annual Meet Theme: 1985
Shiva MiraTuberculosisLetter
1984Aug.104Nestle BoycottAlderson JeffHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsLetter
1984Aug.104Narmada Project
& The Tribals
Chatra Yuva Sangharsh SamitiEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1984Aug.104Rational Drug PolicyCutting William A.MDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1984Aug.104EditorialNarayan RaviEnvironmental & Occupational HealthEditorial
1984Aug.104The Puff Of Death!Medico Friend Circle - (Extracted from Deccan Herald)Health Services in Other CountriesNews
1984Aug.104Keeping TrackMedico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralNews
1984Aug.104The Temples Of
Modern India
PPST BulletinEnvironmental & Occupational HealthSummary report
1984Aug.104Whither Rome?The HinduMedical EducationReport
1984Sept.105Rational Drug PolicyKumar NareshDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1984Sept.105The Sevagram MeetingMedico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Discussion
1984Sept.105All India Drug
Action Network
Phadke AnantDrug Policy AlternativesReport
Tuberculosis Programme
Sen BinayakTuberculosisArticle
1984Oct.106Drug Action NetworkChaterjee PrabirDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1984Oct.106Child Care & The
Prosperity Of Punjab
Chaudhuri S. NChildren & HealthArticle
1984Oct.106Folk & Modern
Medicine, D.N. Kakar
Dubey Ram BadanIndigenous MedicineBook Review
1984Oct.106Child Health In IndiaMedico Friend Circle (Editorial Review)Children & HealthArticle
1984Oct.106Tribals & DamsGupta NarendraEnvironmental & Occupational HealthLetter
1984Oct.106Recommendations On
Indian Academy Of PaediatricsMaternal HealthRecommendation
1984Oct.106Keeping TrackMedico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralUpdate
Tuberculosis Programme
Newton LuizTuberculosisLetter
1984Oct.106Children's Health -
Tomorrow's Wealth, Progress Or Platitudes ?
Tomkins AndrewChildren & HealthArticle
1984Oct.106Rakhu's Story,
Sheila Zurbrigg
Uhrig JamieHealth Services - GeneralBook Review
1984Nov.107Drugs - Awareness
& Action
Narayan RaviRational Drug Therapy & ActionEditorial
1984Nov.107Promoting Whose
Growth? (Anabolic Steroids)
Anabolic SteroidsScience & PeopleExtract
1984Nov.107Over the Counter
Drugs, A People's Science Movement
Lok Vigyan SanghatanaDrug MisuseLetter
How Many Are Rational?
Modak ShirishDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationPress Release, Article
1984Nov.107A Letter To The Drug
Phadke AnantDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationLetter
1984Nov.107Drug Utilisation
Survey Report
The Drug Action Network: NewsletterRational Drug Therapy & ActionReport
1984Nov.108The National
Tuberculosis Programme
Narayan RaviTuberculosisReport
1984Dec.108Dear FriendKashalikar ShriniwasRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1984Dec.108The `MARD' Strike -
A View Point
Nagral SanjayProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1984Dec.108Editorial NoteNarayan RaviTuberculosisEditorial
Tuberculosis Control - Why?
Phadke AnantTuberculosisArticle
1984Dec.108Dear FriendPrakash Padma & Jesani AmarRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1985Jan.109Learning From The
Relief Work
Bang AbhayBhopalArtcle
1985Jan.109The Bhopal DisasterNarayan RaviBhopalEditorial
1985Jan.109No More Bhopals,
Fight For The Right To Live
Movement for Safe EnviromentBhopalPublic Statement
1985Jan.109The Health &
Safety Movement In The U.S.
Rego LoyHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1985Feb.110The Double Standard
In Industrial Hazards
Castleman Barry IEnvironmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1985Feb.110Are You Harming
Consumer Guidance Society of IndiaDrug MisuseLetter
1985Feb.110The MARD StrikeDas Sujit K, Newton LuizProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1985Feb.110Bhopal Disaster:
Citizens Response
Kerala Sastra Sahithya ParishadBhopalReport
1985Feb.110Are you Harming
Yourself? Banning Brands
Lesser FrankDrug Industry MalpracticeLetter
1985Feb.110Annual Meet 1985Medico Friend CircleTuberculosisReport
1985Feb.110Our Jobs, Our HealthPrakash PadmaEnvironmental & Occupational HealthBook Review
1985Mar.111Towards a Relevant
TB Control Programme
Daswani MonaTuberculosisReport
Training & Community Awareness
Gupta NarendraTuberculosisReport
1985Mar.111Tuberculosis in
Medical Education
Nayyar VineetTuberculosisArticle
1985Mar.111All India Drug
Action Network
Phadke AnantRational Drug Therapy & ActionReport
1985Mar.111TB & SocietyTobin Marie & Gupte ManishaTuberculosisArticle
1985April112Women's HealthBang Rani & Sadgopal MiraMaternal HealthReport
1985April112The K.E.M StudyBidwai PrafulHealth Services - GeneralStudy
1985April112Consumer Alert -
Action - Welcome
Medico Friend Circle (Extract from IOCU & Ciba-Geigy)Drug Industry MalpracticeExtract
1985April112Under The Lens -
Health & Medicine
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1985April112Dear FriendJha ArvindRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1985April112Medical Research In
Medico Friend Circle (Banglore Team)BhopalArticle
1985April112The MFC Bhopal StudyMedico Friend Circle (Collective)BhopalPress Release
1985April112Dear FriendNewton LuizProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1985April112Scientific MedicineUhrig JamieHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsLetter
1985May113Bhopal - Citizens
Banerji DHealth During Mass CalamityReport
1985May113Behind PovertyChaterjee PrabirHealth Services - GeneralBook Review
1985May113Drugs in Diarrhoea-
A Question Of Life & Death
Consumer Guidance Society of IndiaDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationLetter
1985May113Annual Meet 1985 -
Some Reflections
Dawson Penny, Uhrig JamieMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Letter
1985May113Ciba - Geigy
Withdraws Tanderil
Medico Friend Circle (Extracted from Deccan Herald)Drug Industry MalpracticeReport
1985May113Garibi Hatao!India Abroad, 1984Misc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalReport
1985May113Annual Meet 1985 -
Some Reflections
MalarvizhiMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Letter
1985May113Drug Action FocusNayyar VineetDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
Prakash PadmaContraception & AbortionArticle
1985May113Annual Meet 1985 -
Some Reflections
Sina HildaRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1985May113Irrational Pain -
Uhrig Jamie & Dawson PennyDrug MisusePress Release
1985May113Whither Company
Venkatraman U.SProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1985June114An Epidemiological
& Sociological Study Of The Bhopal Tragedy
Banerji DBhopalArticle
1985June114Nuclear Reactors -
An Alert
Narayan RaviScience & PeopleArticle
1985June114The Challenge of
Narayan RaviBhopalEditorial
1985June114Food In The Hands Of
Big Industry
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerArticle
1985June114Effects on Mental
Medico Friend CircleMental HealthArticle
1985June114The Bhopal Disaster
Medico Friend CircleBhopalSynopsis of Investigation
1985June114The `Nagrik' StudyNagrik Rahat Aur Punarvas CommitteeBhopalReport
1985July115Emerging Medical
Culture - I
Jajoo UlhasMisc.: Technical & MedicalExtract
1985July115Blessed Are The
Small In Size - If They Are Indians
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerArticle
Jaya Rao Kamala SContraception & AbortionLetter
1985July115On Calling The
Kuppuswamy G, Admirial (Surgeon)Misc.: Technical & MedicalReport
1985July115To Be Fair To
"Rakku's Story"
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1985July115News From BhopalRashtriya Abhiyan SamitiBhopalReport
Jha A.MContraception & AbortionLetter
1985Aug.-Sept116-117Reporting From
Medico Friend CircleBhopalReport
1985Aug.-Sept116-117Post Script,
Meeting with ICMR
Medico Friend Circle (Core Group)MFC BulletinReport
1985Aug.-Sept116-117Focus on
Susanne O'DriscollDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationAnnouncement
1985Aug.-Sept116-117Public Health,
Poverty, & Empowerment - A Challenge
Werner DavidHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1985Oct.118From the Editors
Narayan RaviHealth Services - GeneralAnnouncement
1985Oct.118Strategies For
Environmental Health Action
Mankad DhruvEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1985Oct.118News From BhopalMedico Friend CircleBhopalReport
1985Oct.118Banned PesticidesNarain SunitaEnvironmental & Occupational HealthReport
Tuberculosis Programme - A Dialogue...
Sen BinayakTuberculosisArticle
1985Nov.119Pesticides & The
Third World Poor
Bull DavidEnvironmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1985Nov.119A Letter From the
Chief Justice of India
Bhagwati P.NHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsLetter
(Environmental Health)
Narayan RaviEnvironmental & Occupational HealthEditorial
1985Nov.119The Dirty Dozen
Medico Friend Circle- (Extracted from Eco Forum)Environmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1985Nov.119MFC RoleJajoo UlhasRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1985Nov.119KGAT Card For
Detection Of Malnutrititon
Kapil Umesh & Gupta M.CNutrition & HungerArticle
1985Nov.119MFC NewsMedico Friend CircleMFC BulletinAnnouncement
1985Nov.119News from BhopalMedico Friend CircleBhopalReport
1985Nov.119Common Pesticides :
The Health & Environmental Hazards
Pesticides or BiocidesEnvironmental & Occupational HealthReport
1985Nov.119Dear Doctor...Sarkar P.KDrug MisuseAnnouncement
1985Nov.119AIDAN RoleShiva MiraRational Drug Therapy & ActionLetter
1985Nov.119Beating The
Pesticide Mafia
The Pesticide MalignancyEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1985Nov.119Health Of The
Centre For Science And EnvironmentEnvironmental & Occupational HealthReport
1985Dec.119AAll India Drug
Action Network
AIDANRational Drug Therapy & ActionPress Release
1985Dec.119ADrug Campaign News
- 1985
AIDANRational Drug Therapy & ActionReport
1985Dec.119ADouble StandardsBeardshaw VirginiaDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1985Dec.119AA Drug Campaign
Newsletter, MFC Rational Drug Policy
Narayan RaviDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1985Dec.119AFighting For A
People's Drug Policy - The KSSP Experince
Ekbal BDrug Policy AlternativesArticle
1985Dec.119AHealth Care In IndiaMankad DhruvHealth Services - GeneralBook Review
1985Dec.119AImported Drugs:
Poor Quality, The African Experience
Patki P.SDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1985Dec.119AVitality &
Energy Through Hoechst?
PHARMA BRIEF campaign newsletter BUKODrug Industry MalpracticeExtract
1985Dec.119AA Drug Alert
Schaaber Jorg & Kettler RudigerRational Drug Therapy & ActionLetter
1985Dec.119AAction Alerts (1.
The Hatch Bill. 2. Watering down
Shiva MiraDrug Policy AlternativesReport
1985Dec.119ANeeded Intervention
In The National Drug Policy
Shiva MiraDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1985Dec.119AA Life - Saving
United NationsDrug Policy AlternativesArtcile

1986Jan.-Mar.119BRole of MFCJaya Rao Kamala S, Patel Anil, Mankad DhruvRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1986Jan.-Mar.119BFrom The New OfficeMankad DhruvMFC BulletinEditorial
1986Jan.-Mar.119BReporting From
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1986Jan.-Mar.119BThe Core Group
Dialogue on Role Continues
Medico Friend CircleRole of MFC & MembersReport
1986April-Jun119CNew Global Campaign
To Exterminate Dirty Dozen Pesticides
Culver AliciaEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1986April-Jun119CDrug Action NewsFMRAI OR Delhi Science ForumMFC BulletinReport
1986April-Jun119CMaking Doctors For
Rural India
Jain YogeshMedical EducationArticle
1986April-Jun119CRole of MFCJajoo UlhasRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1986April-Jun119CDear FriendsMankad DhruvMFC BulletinLetter
1986April-Jun119CThe Dirty Dozen :
Pesticides We Can Live Without
Mutinational Monitor (1985)Environmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1986April-Jun119CAction - Alert :
Drug Action Network Western Region
Shiva MiraDrug Policy AlternativesReport
1986Sept.120WHO - Can You TrustAnti-Depo Provera Campaign, NSWContraception & AbortionExtract
1986Sept.120Introduction Of
NET-EN Challenged
Saheli CollectiveContraception & AbortionExtract
1986Sept.120EditorialSathyamala CHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsEditorial
1986Sept.120Pregnancy Out-come
Survey : Bhopal (A Summary)
Sathyamala CBhopalArticle
1986Oct.121A Feminist
Understanding Of Contraception
Gupte ManishaContraception & AbortionArticle
1986Oct.121MFC News :
Core-Group Meet, Dallirajhara
Mankad DhruvMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1986Oct.121XII Annual Meet of
Mankad DhruvMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Letter
1986Oct.121Sexist & Racist
Implications Of New Reproductive
Mies MariaContraception & AbortionArticle
1986Nov.122The Medical Hazards
Of Nuclear Power Generation
Caldicott WilliamScience & PeopleArticle
1986Nov.122Physicians For PeaceDeivanayagan C.NMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1986Nov.122Chernobyl Fallout To
Claim 40,000 In USSR
Medico Friend Circle (Extracted from Indian Express)Science & PeopleExtract
1986Nov.122India to Produce
10,000 MW N-Power
Medico Friend Circle - (Extract from Indian Express)Science & PeopleArticle
1986Nov.122Bitter Pill For The
Metzenbaum HowardHealth Services In Other CountriesArticle
1986Nov.122On Accidental
Nuclear War
Muller James EScience & PeopleArticle
1986Nov.122From The Editor's
Sathyamala CScience & PeopleEditorial
1986Nov.122Health & Safety
At Work
The LawyersEnvironmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1986Dec.123Dipyrone, Hoechst
& The Boston Study
Bannenberg Wilbert MDDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1986Dec.123Dipyrone Hearing In
Brief PharmaDrug Industry MalpracticeReport
1986Dec.123SC Flays Continunce
Of Banned Drugs
Medico Friend Cirlce - (Extract from Hindustan Times)Rational Drug Therapy & ActionNews
1986Dec.123Letter to WHO &
Idris Mohd S.MChildren & HealthLetter
1986Dec.123In Support of MARD's
Jesani Amar, Prakash PadmaProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1986Dec.123CAP-Report: A
fact-sheet On Analgin
Phadke AnantDrug MisuseBook Review
1986Dec.123Bill to Restrict Ads
on Breast Milk Substitutes
The Times of India, 1986Maternal HealthNewsItem
1987Jan.124When Rome Is BurningGadre Arun & Gadre JyotiCommunity HealthArticle
1987Jan.124In The Cleft Of The
Jain SandhyaThe Nursing ProfessionArticle
1987Jan.124Use & Abuse Of
Bio-Medical Technology
Jesani AmarScience & PeopleArticle
1987Jan.124From The Editor's
Sathyamala CHealth Services in Other CountriesEditorial
& Paramedical Workers
D'souza MarieTuberculosisArticle
Therapy : A Case Study
Hemminki ElinaMaternal HealthArticle
1987Feb.125Confusion - A
Way To Knowledge
Jajoo UlhasTuberculosisArticle
1987Feb.125Letter From A
Friend, Health & Agriculture...
Narayan RaviMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalLetter
1987Feb.125From The
Editor's Desk
Phadke AnantDrug Policy AlternativesEditorial
1987Mar.126The Case Against
Global Measles Eradication
Henderson D.AMeaslesLetter
1987Mar.126The Case For Global
Measles Eradication
Hopkins Donald, Hinman Alan R, Koplan Jeffery P, LaneMeaslesArticle
1987Mar.126Dear FriendJaya Rao Kamala S, Mavalankar DileepIndigenous MedicineLetter
1987Mar.126From The Editor's
Sathyamala CHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1987April127Media As A Tool In
Health Action
Balasubrahmanyan VimalMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
1987April127Dear FriendJaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1987April127Report Of The
Proceedings Of The VII Annual GBM At Kaya
Mankad DhruvMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1987April127Dear FriendUplekar MukundMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
1987May128When Rome Is BurningDas Sujit KHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1987May128Integration Of
Medical Systems
Kelkar S.KHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1987May128Shamans, Mystics
& Doctors
Priya RituMisc.: Technical & MedicalBook Review
1987May128From the Editors DeskSathyamala CIndigenous MedicineEditorial
1987June129When Rome Is BurningD' Souza MarieHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1987June129Two Decades Of
Sterilization, Modernisation & Population Growth In A Rura
Freed Stanely A & Freed Ruth SPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1987June129Around the World on
130% Sterilization
Health Secretary, Govt. of RajasthaPopulation Growth & ControlReport
1987June129From the Editor's
Sathyamala CPopulation Growth & ControlEditorial
1987June129Worthless TherapySingh Rajiv, Bhargav AshokRational Drug Therapy & ActionLetter
1987June129Medical Ethics &
Human Rights
Srinivasan BinaMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
Poliomyelitis : A Tragedy On The Rise
Burrett GloriaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1987July130Dear FriendPriya Ritu, Mankad Dhruv, PrashantHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1987July130From The Editor's
Sathyamala CChildren & HealthEditorial
1987Aug.131Dear FriendKeith & Caroline WalkerHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1987Aug.131Dear FriendPatel BharatiHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1987Aug.131The Women's Health
Movement: Feminist Alternatives To Medical Control
Sathyamala CSexist Bias In HealthReview
1987Aug.131Dear FriendSinha B KContraception & AbortionLetter
1987Aug.131Family Planning In
India: Theoretical Assumptions, Implementations & Alte
Visaria LeelaPopulation Growth & ControlReport
1987Sept.132Injury Prevention
& Basic Preventive Strategies
Dinesh MohanHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1987Sept.132Dear FriendMankad DhruvCommunity HealthLetter
1987Sept.132The Epidemiological
Approach : Its Elements & Its Scope
Priya RituHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1987Sept.132Dear FriendWarekarMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
1987Oct.-Nov.133-134Universal Child
Immunization & Child Survival: A Positive View
Bhargava Ashok & Anil PatelChildren & HealthArticle
1987Oct.-Nov.133-134The New Drug
Price Control Order, A Mockery Of Rational Planning
Phadke AnantDrug Policy AlternativesArticle
1987Oct.-Nov.133-134From the
Editor's Desk
Sathyamala CChildren & HealthEditorial
1987Dec.135The Chernobyl
Disaster- Potential Hazards To The Third World
Gopalan CScience & PeopleArticle
1987Dec.135XIV Annual Meet Of
Mankad DhruvMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Announcement
1987Dec.135Dear FriendRobert Kim-FarleyMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
1987Dec.135Persistence Of
Toxins In The Bodies Of Bhopal Gas Victims
Sadgopal Anil & Das Sujit KBhopalArticle
1988Jan.136Health & Family
Planning Services In India
Narayan RaviPopulation Growth & ControlBook Review
1988Jan.136From The Editor's
Sathyamala CDrug Policy AlternativesEditorial
1988Jan.136Sex Differentials In
Nutritional Status In A Rural Area Of Gujarat State
Visaria LeelaNutrition & HungerReport
1988Feb.137Logistic Support
& Facilities for Primary Health Care ...
Bose AshishCommunity HealthArticle
1988Feb.137Dear FriendSingh SuneetaHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1988Feb.137Medico Friend CirlceThe Nicaraguan Health Study Collaborative At HavardHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1988Feb.137Sex Diffrentials In
Nutritional Status In A Rural
Visaria LeelaNutrition & HungerReport
1988Mar.138Report Of The
General Body Meeting Held At Jaipur
Gupta NarendraMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1988Mar.138Dear FriendMorley DavidChildren & HealthLetter
1988Mar.138Report of the XIV
Annual Meet of the MFC on Child
Sathyamala CChildren & HealthReport
1988April139Pricing The Medical
Care In Governmental Hospitals
Bang Abhay & Bang RaniHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1988April139Problem DrugsPatki PrahladDrug MisuseBook Review
1988April139Medical Research On
Sharon KingmanMedical EducationArticle
1988May140The Return Of Liquid
Werner DavidHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1988June141Dear FriendChaterjee PrabirChildren & HealthLetter
1988June141Reported cases of
Poliomyelitis -1987
NADHI, Vol 4, No 1, Jan 1988Health Services - GeneralExcerpts
1988June141Politics Of Medical
Work, Part I: Conventional Medical Work
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1988June141From the Editor's
Sathyamala CThe Nursing ProfessionEditorial
1988July-Aug.142Issues For Debate On
Peoples Science In Health Care
Bijoy C RHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1988July-Aug.142Browsing Through
(new column)
Sathyamala CHealth Services - GeneralAnnouncement
1988July-Aug.142Dear FriendMorley DavidChildren & HealthLetter
1988July-Aug.142Politics of Medical
Work, Part II Radical Medical Work
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1988July-Aug.142Politics of Medical
Work, Myths Perpetuated By The Voluntary Sector
Sathyamala CHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1988July-Aug.142Fee For Medical
Satish KHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1988July-Aug.142ORWELL's Hints To
Medico Friend CirlceMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalExcerpt
Technology & People Of India
Banerji DScience & PeopleArticle
1988Sept.-Oct143-144Browsing ThroughMedico Friend CirlceHealth Services - GeneralReport
1988Sept.-Oct143-144XV Annual Meet
of Medico Freind Circle
Gupta NarendraMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Announcement
1988Sept.-Oct143-144The E.P. CaseShiva MiraRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1988Nov.145Medical Technology :
Neither Gliter, Nor Gold
Jajoo Ulhas & Kalantri S PScience & PeopleArticle
1988Nov.145Beware Of X-Rays,
The Dangerous Dimensions Of Diagnosis
Kabra S GScience & PeopleArticle
Perspective: Chest Radiography
Kalantri S PScience & PeopleArticle
1988Nov.145The Trans-Technique
Aspects Of Disease & Death
Kothari M.L. & Lopa A. MehtaScience & PeopleArticle
1988Nov.145Browsing ThroughSameer MewarMisuse of DrugsReport
1988Dec.146AbortionGadre ArunContraception & AbortionDialogue
1988Dec.146Sex Determination
& Female Foeticide In Baroda
Garbha Parikshan Virodhi ManchSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1988Dec.146One Daughter Family:
Fact or Fancy?
Jajoo Ulhas & Kalantri S PPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1988Dec.146Victim Blaming Is
Not The Solution
Jesani AmarContraception & AbortionArticle
1988Dec.146Patient's RightPilgaonkar AnilHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1989Jan.147Mayhem! Medical or
Jajoo Ulhas & Kalantri S PHealth Services - GeneralDialogue
1989Jan.147Echoes From The
Field: Drug Consumer Movement Under Attack
Jesani Amar, Prakash Padma, Pilgaonkar Anil, Duggal RDrug Industry MalpracticesArticle
1989Jan.147The Trans-Science
Aspects Of Disease & Death
Manu L.Kothari & Lopa A. MehtaScience & PeopleArticle
Victimisation: Who Are The Real Culprits?
Prakash PadmaProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1989Feb.148The Indo-US Vaccine
Action Programme: A Recipe For Disaster
Bidwai PrafulHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1989Feb.148Dear FriendChaterjee PrabirMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
1989Feb.148Chloroquin, Cholera
Sathyamala CHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1989Mar.149The Role Of
Technology In Women's Work & Health
Kalantri S.P.Sexist Bias In HealthArticle
1989April150XVth Annual MFC MeetAshtekar ShamMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1989April150Medico Friend
Circle: General Body Meeting Alwaye,
Gupta NarendraMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1989April150`Ta-Ta' To Common
Salt Or Vice-Versa?
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1989April150Limitations Of
Radiology & Imaging: A Radiologist Perspective
Nafisa AptekarScience & PeopleLetter
1989April150Rethinking Abortion?Sinha RoopashreeContraception & AbortionLetter
1989April150Alwaye MFC MeetTekur K. GopinathMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Letter
Maternal Health Services (An Experiental Account)
Gupte ManishaMaternal HealthArticle
1989May151Insufficient Iron
Supplemmentation In M.C.H Program
Phadke AnantMaternal HealthArticle
1989May151AIDAN Attacks
Unichem & Infar
Shiva Mira & Anant PhadkeDrug Policy AlternativesPress Release
1989June-July152-153Exploding The
Population Bomb Myth
Duggal RaviPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1989June-July152-153Medical Work For
Social Change
Ritu PriyaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1989Aug.154Diagnostic Tables
& Flow Charts : AIDS To Paramedics
Ashtekar Sham & Ratna AshtekarCommunity HealthArticle
1989Aug.154Dear FriendJaya Rao Kamala SMaternal HealthLetter
1989Aug.154Notifiable Diseases
: Signs, Symptoms, Diagnosis
Mankad DhruvHealth Services - GeneralBook Review
Pluralism, (A Case For Critical Attention)
Narayan Ravi & Mankad DhruvHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Systems Of Medicine, A Journey Through 148 mfc Bulletins
Narayan Ravi & Mankad DhruvIndigenous MedicineArticle
1989Nov.157Nuclear Energy-
Controversies & Appropriateness
Gupta NarendraScience & PeopleAnnouncement
1989Nov.157Aluminium Phosphate
: A Pesticide That Kills Hundreds
Kabra S.G.Environmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1989Nov.157Dear FriendShirdi Prasad TekurHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1989Dec.158New Perspectives On
The Medical Consequences Of Nuclear War
Alexander LeafScience & PeopleArticle
1989Dec.158Anti Nuclear NetworkAnti Nuclear NetworkScience & PeopleReport
1989Dec.158Reference Sheets On
Notifiable Diseases
Kanhere VijayMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
1989Dec.158Dear FriendPhadke AnantMaternal HealthLetter
1990Jan.159High Prevalence Of
Gynaecological Diseases In Rural  Indian
Bang Rani, A.T.Bang, M.Baitule, Y.Choudhary,Maternal HealthArticle
1990Jan.159High Court Takes
Exception To Objectionable Drug Advertisements
Medico Friend CircleDrug MisuseReport
1990Jan.159Dear FriendPhadke Anant, Vanaja RamprasadIndigenous MedicineLetter
1990Feb.-Mar.160-161Hazards Of
Common Radiographic Techniques To Staff & Patients
Ashtekar ShamScience & PeopleArticle
1990Feb.-Mar.160-161Food Irradiation
- The New Toy?
Dudani A.T.Science & PeopleArticle
1990Feb.-Mar.160-161Report of XVI
Annual General Body Meeting Of Mfc
Gupta NarendraMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1990Feb.-Mar.160-161Health Body Says
No To Nuclear Energy
Medico Friend CircleScience & PeoplePress Release
1990Feb.-Mar.160-161Radiation &
Phadke AnantScience & PeopleArticle
1990April162Village Level Health
Care : Problems & Possibilities
Ashtekar ShamCommunity HealthArticle
1990April162Dear SirDespande Mohan, Sunil Nandraj, Saraswathi AnantharamMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalLetter
1990April162Dear FriendGupta NarendraScience & PeopleLetter
1990April162Low Level Radiation
& Health
Phadke AnantScience & PeopleArticle
1990May163More on Medical
Das Sujit KMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1990May163The Politics of
`Safe Limit'
Jana SmarajitMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1990June-July164-165Doctor's Role In
Human Rights Movement
Committee for the Protection of Democratic RightsHealth Services - GeneralReport
Professionals & Death Penalty
Deshpande Mohan and Saraswathi AnanthramHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1990June-July164-165Who'll Answer
For Pvt. Hospitals?
Iyer SarojHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1990June-July164-165Doctors As Human
Rights Abusers
Lokhandwala Yash & Usha LokhandwalProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1990June-July164-165Human Rights
& Health Professionals
Medico Friend Circle (Bombay Group)Health Services - GeneralArticle
Institutions, Health Professionals & Human Rights
Raghav R and Sunil NandrajHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
Professionals As Victims Whilst Preserving Human Rights
Shah Ila & Usha SethuramanHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1990Aug.166Claim On AIDS - Hit
Prostitutes Challenged
Bajaj SapnaSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1990Aug.166Of Shame &
Sorrow : Women In Silence
Gupte ManishaWomen & HealthArticle
1990Aug.166Dear FriendLok Vigyan SanghatanaDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1990Aug.166Sexually Transmitted
Diseases : A Growing Menace
Morankar S.VHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1990Sept.-Oct167-168Against Liquor -
Gadchiroli & Gorbachov
Bang Abhay & Bang RaniHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1990Sept.-Oct167-168Excerpts From
Background Papers
Jaya Rao Kamala S, Sen Binayak, Vora Nitish, Mankad DMFC BulletinReport
Medico Friend Circle
Jesani AmarRole of MFC & MembersReport
1990Sept.-Oct167-168Dear FriendNarayan Ravi & Thelma NarayanMedical EducationLetter