Dates: 23-25, February, 2024

Venue: Babu Kutir, Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra

Accommodation: Nai Talim guest house and Yatri Nivas on sharing basis

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About Us

It is an organization which has operated for forty eight years as a ‘thought current’ without allegiance to a specific ideology. Its only commitment has been to intervene in and understand the debates, policies and practices of health in Independent India. The understanding that our present health service is lopsided and is in the interest of a privileged few prevails as a common conviction.  It has critically been analyzing the existing health care system and has tried to evolve an appropriate approach towards health care which is humane, and which can meet the needs of the vast majority of the people in our country.

50 Years

The 50th Anniversary Celebration of Medico Friend Circle

The year 2024 marks the 50th anniversary of Medico Friend Circle. We are excited to celebrate this significant milestone. The organization has been a single entity for the past 49 years, remaining relevant and engaged in various initiatives. It is democratic and inclusive, providing a space for open discussions and inspiring individuals to take up initiatives. It has been a source of alternative health thought and has provided a platform for various interventions, analyses, and discussions.

As an organization with a rich history, we recognize that there are many different narratives of our past. To preserve and celebrate our heritage, we have launched an ambitious history and archive project. We are reaching out to past and current members to share any material, such as photos, correspondence, videos, and publications, that can help paint a picture of our history.

We have revamped the MFC to make better, updated and user friendly to reach out to a larger audience. We are collaborating with other organisations to digitize our materials and make them easily accessible including making the MFC bulleting searchable, making it easer to find specific issues. We also plan to document the views of members through video interviews and panel discussions on selected topics that highlight the impact of Medico Friend Circle.

This 50th anniversary celebration will provide an opportunity to reflect on our past and look forward to a future which would continue to make a difference to the health sector of India.





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