MFC Bulletins

From 1991 to 2000
1991Feb.-Mar.169-170Medicare :
Patients' Viewpoint
George AnnieProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1991Feb.-Mar.169-170Book ReviewKanhere VijayHealth Services - GeneralBook Review
1991Feb.-Mar.169-170Annual Meet : A
Report Of The Discussions
Mankad DhruvMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1991Feb.-Mar.169-170Role &
Training Of Village Level Health Worker -
Mankad DhruvCommunity HealthArticle
1991May-June171-172Editor's NoteAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaRole of MFC & MembersEditorial
1991May-June171-172The Will To
Survive : How Auxiliary Nurse Midwives Cope Within The System
Iyer AditiThe Nursing ProfessionArticle
Malpractice : What It Is & How To Fight it
Medico Friend CircleHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1991July-Aug.173-174Private Health
Duggal RaviHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Regulating The
Private Health Sector
Duggal Ravi & Nandraj SunilHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Earnings In
Private General Practice - An Exploratory Study In Bombay
George AlexProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Private Sector
In Health - Some International Experinces
Gill SonyaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Principles Of
National Health Policy
Jana Smarjit & Das SHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Size Of Private
Sector In Health Care Delivery System
Jesani AmarHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Regulation Of
Private Medical Sector : Why? How?
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991July-Aug.173-174Role Of Consumer
Movement In Regulation Of Private Health Sector
Pilgaonkar AnilHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991Sept.-Oct175Maharashtra NotesAshtekar ShamHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991Sept.-Oct175MFC; Back To Medicos
Once Again
Ashtekar Sham & Gupte ManishaRole of MFC & MembersAnnouncement
1991Sept.-Oct175A Letter From NIROGBhargava AshokMaternal HealthLetter
1991Sept.-Oct175Maharashtra MFC -
Aurangabad Meet
Medico Friend CircleMFC BulletinReport
1991Sept.-Oct175Minutes Of The
General Body Meeting Held In Bombay
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report

176The Bazar Doctor - A
Harsh Reality !
Ashtekar ShamProblems Of DoctorsArticle

176Guidelines For State
Health Care Delivery System
Jajoo UlhasHealth Services - GeneralArticle

176Principles of A
National Health Policy
Jana SmarjitHealth Services - GeneralArticle

176Critical Reflections
On The Strategy Of Health For All
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralBackground Papers For
1991Nov.-Dec.177-178Ending The
Underfinancing Of Primary Health Care
Duggal RaviHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991Nov.-Dec.177-178Financing For
Primary Health Care- Sevagram
Jajoo UlhasHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1991Nov.-Dec.177-178Rural Health
Insurance Schemes, Sevagram (India) Experience
Jajoo UlhasHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1992Jan.-Feb.178-179What Ails Blood
Goud R.RHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1992Jan.-Feb.178-179The Heritage Of
Shankar Guha Niyogi
Sen BinayakMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalNote
1992Jan.-Feb.178-179Drugs! A Matter
Of Consumer Concern
Shiva MiraRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1992Jan.-Feb.178-179Letter To The
Prime Minister
Shiva MiraDrug Policy AlternativesLetter
1992Mar.-Apri180-181Legal Status Of
Ashtekar ShamCommunity HealthArticle
1992Mar.-Apri180-181LSPSS Monographs
On Local Health Traditions, Food & Nutrition
Ashtekar ShamIndigenous MedicinesBook Review
1992Mar.-Apri180-181EditorialAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaContraception & AbortionEditorial
1992Mar.-Apri180-181The DebateIndian Council Of Medical ResearchContraception & AbortionReport
1992Mar.-Apri180-181The Sevagram
Project-Unwaranted Conclusions
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1992Mar.-Apri180-181Fact Sheet On
SaheliContraception & AbortionArticle
1992May-June182-183Nurses Seek
Change & Authority
Athavale Anuradha & Sadgopal MiraThe Nursing ProfessionArticle
1992May-June182-183Editor's NoteAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaThe Nursing ProfessionEditorial
Primary Health Care
Jajoo UlhasHealth Services - GeneralDebate
Education In India, Is It Suitable To India
Mokashi AnilMedical EducationArticle
1992July-Aug.184-185EditorialAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaMisc.: Technical & MedicalEditorial
1992July-Aug.184-185Workshop On
`Patients, Doctors & The Law': A Report
Pai MadhukarProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1992July-Aug.184-185A Health Survey
Of Kerala
Parameshwaran C.NHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1992July-Aug.184-185Is CHV Relevant
Phadke AnantCommunity HealthArticle
1992July-Aug.184-185A National
Health Service & The Future Of The Pvt. Sector. ...
The Centre For Health PolicyHealth Services - GeneralReport
1992Oct.-Nov.186-187National Medical
Care Policy
Das Sujit KHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1992Oct.-Nov.186-187EditorialAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1992Oct.-Nov.186-187Community Based
Annual Pulse Immunisation Strategy
Jajoo UlhasChildren & HealthArticle
Primary Medical Care
Jajoo UlhasCommunity HealthArticle
1992Oct.-Nov.186-187The Committee On
Women, Population & The Environment
Norma SwensonPopulation Growth & ControlAppeal
1992Oct.-Nov.186-187MFC : Through
The Eyes Of A New Member
Pai MadhukarRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1992Oct.-Nov.186-187Is CHV Relevant
Phadke AnantCommunity HealthArticle
1992Nov.-Dec.188-189Health Care
Under Panchayat Raj
Antia N.H & Bhatia KavitaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1992Nov.-Dec.188-189The Supreme
Court Ruling - Implications For Us
Ashtekar ShamProblems Of DoctorsArticle
Bhore, Re-Emphasizing A Universal Health Care System
Duggal RaviHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1992Nov.-Dec.188-189EditorialAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1992Nov.-Dec.188-189Cold Statistics
In Medicine
Hegde B.MMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1992Nov.-Dec.188-189Spot Survey Of
MFC Bulletin At Wardha Mid-Annual Meet
Sadgopal MiraMFC BulletinReport
1992Nov.-Dec.188-189New Economic
Policy - A Perspective
VrijendraHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1993Jan.-Feb.190-191Of Putting
Doctors `Where There Is No Doctor'!
Ashtekar ShamProblems Of DoctorsEditorial
1993Jan.-Feb.190-191Health Care In
Nihila MillieHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1993Jan.-Feb.190-191Let Us ResolveAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalAppeal
1993Jan.-Feb.190-191Discussion At
Wardha Meet On National Medical Care
Nirmala MayaHealth Services - GeneralPaper
1993Jan.-Feb.190-191Why Universal
Medical Insurance?
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralPaper
1993Mar.-Apri192-193CHV RevisitedAshtekar ShamCommunity HealthArticle
1993Mar.-Apri192-193EditorialAshtekar Sham & Borkar AnitaCommunity HealthEditorial
1993Mar.-Apri192-193Press ReleaseMedico Friend Circle (Extract by India Secretariat)Health Services - GeneralPress Release
Medico Friend Circle
Medico Friend CircleMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalResolution
1993May-Oct.194 to 196The Biases In
Population Control Policies
Akhter FaridaPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1993May-Oct.194 to 196An Appeal To All
MFC Friends
Gupte ManishaBhopalAppeal
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Population
Control In The New World Order
Hartmann BetsyPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Behind The
Population Debate
Hong EvelynePopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Women's Voices
International Women's Health CoalitionPopulation Growth & ControlDeclaration
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Proposal For An
International Medical Commission On Bhopal
Medico Friend CircleBhopalArticle
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Women,
Population & The Environment : Call For A New Approach
Newton Centre, USAPopulation Growth & ControlStatement
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Treaty On
Population, Environment & Development
NGO Forum, RioEnvironmental & Occupational HealthStatement
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Needing Some
Rethinking On Population Policy
Qadeer ImranaPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1993May-Oct.194 to 196Are You Against
Family Planning?
Sadgopal MiraPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1993May-Oct.194 to 196EditorialShiva MiraPopulation Growth & ControlEditorial
1993May-Oct.194 to 196A Critical
Appraisal Of The Women's Declaration On Population Policies
The International Women's Health CoalitionPopulation Growth & ControlStatement
1993May-Oct.194 to 196People's
Perspectives On "Population"
UBINIGPopulation Growth & ControlStatement
1993Aug.-Dec.197 to 201Integrating
Women's Health Care Into Primary Care
ARCH TeamHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1993Aug.- Dec197 to 201Some Thoughts On
Clinical Trials
FFWHContraception & AbortionArticle
1993Aug.-Dec.197 to 201On Being Normal
(Whatever That Is)
Gupte ManishaMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1993Aug.-Dec.197 to 201Reproductive
Technologies & The Third World
Karkal MaliniPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1993Aug.-Dec.197 to 201Conceptual
Framework For Assessing Women's Health Needs
Narayan ThelmaSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1993Aug.-Dec.197 to 201Women's Work
& Reproductive Health
Shatrugna Veena, Vidyasagar P & Sujatha THealth Services - GeneralArticle
1993Aug.-Dec.197 to 201Population
Control Policy
Sinha RoopashreePopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205Dung-SenseMedico Friend CircleEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205International
Medical Commission On Bhopal
Medico Friend CircleBhopalArtilce
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205World Hunger -
12 Myths
Karkal Malini (Abridged by)Nutrition & HungerArticle
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205Population Group
Report, Medico Friend Circle Annul Meet
Medico Friend CirclePopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205Submission On
The Health Status & Health Care Of Victims Of The Bhopal ..
Narayan ThelmaBhopalArticle
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205Report On The
Fifth National Women's Liberation ...
Sadgopal MiraSexist Bias In HealthReport
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205EditorialShiva MiraHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsEditorial
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205Contraceptives
From Neem
Technology FocusContraception & AbortionNews
1994Jan. -Apr202 to 205Zonagen To Fund
Indian Contraceptive Research
ZonagenContraception & AbortionNews
1994July-Sept206-207Bhopal's Social
Pathology, Apathetic Elite Has Failed
Bidwai PrafulBhopalArticle
1994May-June206-207May 24th: Dr.
Olle Hansson's Day (Anti Hazardous Drugs)
Medico Friend CircleDrugsArticle
1994May-June206-207Freedom At Last
In South Africa, Victory Of The Human Spirit
Medico Friend CircleMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
1994May-June206-207May 24th:
Dr.Olle Hansson's Day
Medico Friend CircleRational Drug Therapy & ActionReport
1994May-June206-207Tribute To
Rippan Kapur, Messiah Of Lesser Children
Medico Friend CircleChildren & HealthArticle
Health: State, Society & Feminist Perceptions
Prakash Padma (compiled by)Contraception & AbortionReport
1994May-June206-207EditorialShiva MiraHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1994May-June206-207Nader Warns
India Against Joining WTO
The StatesmanMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalNews
1994July-Sept206-207Politics Of
Population & Development
UNFPAPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1994May-June206-207UPJOHN- The Drug
Multinational, Not Such A Nice Name To Know
Unnikrishnan P.V.Drug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1994May-June206-207The Life &
Death Of Primary Health Care
Werner DavidHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1994July-Sept208 to 210When I Slip Into
Chaterjee PrabirMalariaArticle
1994July-Sept208 to 210The Curse Of
Progress Flows In Their Blood
Ghosh SanjayHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1994July-Sept208 to 210Collective
Declaration On Development & Economic Issues From The Cairo...
NGO Forum, CairoPopulation Growth & ControlReport
1994July-Sept208 to 210Hysterectomies
Of Mentally Handicapped, A Perspective
PARYAYMental HealthArticle
1994July-Sept208 to 210EditorialShiva MiraHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1994July-Sept208 to 210Asian Women
Protest Marginalisation Of Development Agenda At ICPD & NGO..
Women's Caucus NGO ForumPopulation Growth & ControlReport
1994July-Sept208 to 210Politics Of
Population & Development
Geeta V &  Swaminathan PadminiPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213The "Trials" Of
A Malaria Vaccine
Hermana Luis Angel FernandezMalariaArticle
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213Appeal Against
Prawn Farming
Jaganannathan SMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213Scientists Warn
Of Environmental Threats Posed By Genetically Engineered.
Martin KhorEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArtilce
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213Appeal To
Medico Friend CircleMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213Nothing Is
Legally Right If It Is Morally Wrong
Pestonji MeharMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213EditorialShiva MiraHealth Services - GeneralEditorial
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213Non Surgical
Female Sterilization With Quinacrine Pellet
Shiva MiraDrug MisuseArticle
1994Oct.-Dec.211 to 213Controversy,
Quinacrine Pellets For Non Surgical Sterlislation
The Lancet EditorialDrug MisuseExtract
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215Controversy :
Anandini Rukmani and Sathyamala CPopulation Growth & ControlDialogue
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215Dear FriendAnnonymusHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215Proceedings Of
The XXI Annual General Body Meeting
Duggal RaviMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215Controversy :
DEPO-PROVERA : The Other View
Medico Friend Circle (Extract from Hindustan Times)Population Growth & ControlDialogue
Institute Of Communicable Diseases, Delhi
Nagrik Mahamari Janch SamitiHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215Report Of The
Workshop On Effective Training Of Health Workers
Phadke AnantMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215Report Of The
Women & Health Cell Meeting, Wardha, January 4-5, 1995
Prabeer,Sadgopal Mira, Gupte ManishaMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1995Jan.-Feb.214-215From The
Editor's Desk
Sathyamala CMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalEditorial
1995Mar.216Dear FriendJana Saibal & Lochan RajivHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1995Mar.216Dear FriendNikad AnnasusHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1995Mar.216People's Drug
Information Centre (PIDC)
Pilgaonkar AnilDrug Policy AlternativesArticle
1995Mar.216In Memory : Alina
Rao MohanRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1995Mar.216Dear FriendSoni Jagdish MMisc.: Technical & MedicalLetter
1995April217Kala Azar In Santal
Chaterjee PrabirHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1995April217Dear FriendKaul Sunil, Yogesh, Raman, Anju, Biswaroop, Madhuri..MalariaLetter
1995April217Touch Me,
Touch-Me-Not : Women, Healing & Herbs
Shodhini TeamIndigenous MedicineArticle
1995May218The Case Against
Anti Fertility Vaccines
Forum For Women's HealthContraception & AbortionArticle
1995June219National Workshop On
Kala Azar
Action AidHealth Services - GeneralReport
1995June219Kala Azar in Santal
Parganas : A Response
Chatterjee Biswaroop, Chattopadhya RanaHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1995June219Dear FriendGadre ArunMental HealthLetter
1995June219Dear FriendGupte ManishaMental HealthLetter
1995June219Malaria Outbreak In
Assam - An Update
Voluntary Health Association of IndiaMalariaArticle
1995July220Depo-Provera : An
Epidemiological Critique
Sathyamala CContraception & AbortionMonograph
1995July220Depot -
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate & Breast Cancer
Sathyamala CHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1995July220Breast Cancer In The
Indian Setting : Report Of A Case Series
Sharma Dinesh CHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1995Aug.-Sept221-222From Editor's
Sathyamala CPopulation Growth & ControlEditorial
1995Aug.-Sept221-222An Alternative
Viewpoint About Depo-Provera
Phadke AnantContraception & AbortionArticle
1995Aug.-Sept221-222Poor Women's
Health Remains Poor
Qadeer ImranaSexist Bias In HealthArticle
Empowerment & Health Experiences In A State Sponsored Programme
Sawhny ArtiSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1995Oct.-Nov.223-224Research In
Public Hospitals Of Bombay
Nagral AbhaMedical EducationArticle
1995Oct.-Nov.223-224Ethical Issues
In Low Cost Drug Manufacturing
Srinivasan SDrug Policy AlternativesArticle
1995Oct.-Nov.223-224Ethics In
Contraceptive Research
Swatija & ChayanikaContraception & AbortionArticle
1995Dec.225Ethics & HIV /
Kulkarni Vinay, Kulkarni Sanjeevane, Kulkarni SatishHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1995Dec.225Leading Issues In
Medical Ethics
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1996Jan.-Feb.226-227Limits Of First
Contact Health Care
Ashtekar ShamHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1996Jan.-Feb.226-227Ethical Issues
In Mental Health Care
Davar BhargaviMental HealthArticle
1996Jan.-Feb.226-227Supply & Use
Of Pharmaceutical In A District In Maharashtra
Respiratory Tract Infections In Children
Jain Yogesh & Singhal TanuChildren & HealthArticle
1996Jan.-Feb.226-227Dilemmas &
Conflicts In Clinical Research In Women's Health
Khanna RenuSexist Bias In HealthArticle
1996Jan.-Feb.226-227Proceedings Of
The XXII Annual General Body Meeting
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1996Mar.-Apri228-229Report Of Visit
To Bhansali Project
D'souza Ravi, Phadke AnantCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1996Mar.-Apri228-229Worm InfestationsJain Yogesh & Lodha RakeshChildren & HealthArticle
1996Mar.-Apri228-229Bibliography On
Medical Ethics
John SBibliographyBibliography
1996Mar.-Apri228-229Submission To
The National Human Rights Commission
Medico Friend CircleContraception & AbortionReport
1996Mar.-Apri228-229Report Of The
XXII Annual Meet Of Medico Friend Circle
Raman KannammaMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1996May-June230-231The Incineration
of Infectious Waste, A Threat To Public Health
Coppinger Philip PEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1996May-June230-231Diarrhoea in
Jain YogeshDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1996May-June230-231Bombay's Public
Hospitals & Public Health Care
Medico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralDebate
1996May-June230-231Capitation Fee
Medical Colleges The Ugliest Form Of Privatisation Of Educ
Murlidhar VMedical EducationArticle
1996May-June230-231Dear FriendSoman KrishnaHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1996July-Aug.232-233The Revised
National Tuberculosis Programme
Ashtekar ShamTuberculosisArticle
1996July-Aug.232-233The Incineration
of Infecttious Waste, A Threat To Public Hospital
Coppinger Philip PEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1996July-Aug.232-233Dear FriendJain Yogesh,Lodha RakeshHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1996July-Aug.232-233Dear FriendPhadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1996July-Aug.232-233Some Refections
On Field Work
Rao MohanMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
1996Sept.-Oct234-235Right To
Emergency Medical Care, A Constitutional Right
Agarwal S.C., Nanvati G.T.Health Services - GeneralArticle
1996Sept.-Oct234-235India's `Family
Welfare'Program In The Context Of A Reproductive....
Duggal RaviPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1996Sept.-Oct234-235Dear FriendGeorge ThomasTuberculosisLetter
1996Sept.-Oct234-235MalariaJain Yogesh & Sathyamala CMalariaArticle
1996Nov.-Dec.236-237A Requiem For
Sathyamala CBhopalEditorial
1996Nov.-Dec.236-237Health Effects
of The Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster
1996Nov.-Dec.236-237Issues Emerging
From The Legal Response In The Bhopal Gas Leak Disaster..
Sathyamala CBhopalArticle
1997Jan.-Feb.238-239Health Effects
Of The Bhopal Gas Leak Diasaster
1997Jan.-Feb.238-239Dengue Fever /
Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
Jain Yogesh & Kabra SushilHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Shiva MiraMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalLetter
Ehtics,Torture & Rehabilitation
Sinha RoopashreeHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1997Mar.-Apri240-241Non Steroidal
Anti Inflammatory Drugs Abuse, A Prescribed Addiction?
Kaul SunilDrug MisuseArticle
1997Mar.-Apri240-241Malaria In
Vellore : Disturbing Trends
Pai MadhukarMalariaArticle
1997Mar.-Apri240-241Report Of The
Annual Meet Of The Medico Friend Circle
Raman Khannamma (Rapporteur)MFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1997Mar.-Apri240-241Dear FriendRoa Mohan Veer, Kachru Asha, Jain YogeshHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1997Mar.-Apri240-241Health, Illness
& The Doctor Patient Relationship
Zachariah AnandProblems Of DoctorsArtilce
1997Mar.-Apri240-241Resurgence Of
Infectious Diseases & The Indian Society
Zachariah Anand, Pai Madhukar and Chatterjee PrabirHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Tuberculosis In New York City:HIV, Homelessnes, & The Decline.
Brudney Karen & Dobkin JayTuberculosisArticle
1997May-June242-243Immunity, Ethics
& Control Of Leprosy
Chatterjee B.RLeprosyArticle
Mosquitoes Make An Appearance In High Court
Medico Friend Circle (Extract from Express News ServiMalariaArticle
1997May-June242-243Resurfence Of
Infectious Diseases & The Indian Society
Zachariah A, Pai M, Chatterjee PHealth Services - GeneralNews
Emergency Relief International (Merlin)
Hannah LucyHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1997July-Aug.244-245Nothing Called A
Good War
Medico Friend CircleHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1997July-Aug.244-245Neutrality In
Humanitarian Relief?
Nyheim David EMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1997July-Aug.244-245Health Issues In
Disasters: An Unattended Case
Parasuraman S & Unnikrishnan PVHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1997July-Aug.244-245Roles &
Responsibilities Of Health Sector In Disaster Situation In India
Sharma Vinod KHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1997July-Aug.244-245Disaster &
Mental Health
Shetty HarishMental HealthArticle
1997July-Aug.244-245From The (Guest)
Editor's Desk
Unnikrishnan PVHealth During Mass CalamityEditorial
1997Sept.-Oct246-247Epidemics During
Healing TJ & Banatvala NHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1997Sept.-Oct246-247Annual Theme
Meet On Resurgence Of Infectious Diseases And The Indian ...
Medico Friend CircleHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1997Sept.-Oct246-247Resurgence Of
Infectious Diseases
Mehta PankajHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Malaria & Canal Irrigation
Muraleedharan V RMalariaArticle
1997Sept.-Oct246-247Cholera 0139
Pandemic, Lessons From A Micro-Experience
Zachariah Anand, Pai Madhukar and Chatterjee PrabirHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1997Nov.-Dec.248-249Kala-Azar Since
Chaterjee PrabirHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Development & Japanese B Encephalitis
Elamon JoyEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1997Nov.-Dec.248-249Resurgence Of
Infectious Diseases, Public Health Response
John Jacob THealth Services - GeneralArticle
1997Nov.-Dec.248-249Resurgence Of
Infectious Diseases, Crisis In Public Health
Pai MadhukarHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Infectious Diseases, HIV Disease In Kheda District
Bhargava AnuragHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998Jan.-Feb.250-251The Revised NTCPChaterjee PrabirTuberculosisArticle
1998Jan.-Feb.250-251The Problems
With RNTCP (DOTS), What Exactly Is At Stake
1998Mar.-Apri252-253Ideas On
Rational Treatment In Leprosy
Chatterjee B.RLeprosyArticle
1998Mar.-Apri252-253Dengue Fever:
Lessons From Epidemiology
Kabra Sushil & Jain YogeshMalariaArticle
1998Mar.-Apri252-253Testing &
Screening For HIV, With Special Reference To HIV infection in W
Kulkarni SanjeevaneeHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998Mar.-Apri252-253HIV Infection In
Kulkarni VinayHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Agriculture & Its Impact On Human Health
Ramprasad VanajaEnvironmental & Occupational HealthArticle
1998May-June254-255More Musings
Over Unknown Infectious Diseases
Jain YogeshHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998May-June254-255What Price
Kaul SunilHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998May-June254-255Minutes Of The
Annual General Body Meeting Of The Medico Friend Circle...
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1998May-June254-255Some Musings
Over Unknown Infectious Diseases In India
Sridhar SHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998May-June254-255Food Security,
Undernutrition & Infectious Diseases
Zachariah AnandNutrition & HungerArticle
1998July-Aug.256-257AIDS In IndiaBhargava AnuragHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Participation In Vector Borne Disease Control, Facts & Fancies
Das P KCommunity HealthArticle
1998July-Aug.256-257MFC Opposes The
Nuclear Tests
Medico Friend CircleScience & PeopleArticle
1998July-Aug.256-257Resurgence Of
Infectious Diseases & The Indian Society Report Of The MFC
Medico Friend CircleMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1998Sept.-Oct258-259National Disease
Control Program Expenditures
Duggal Ravi & Nandraj SunilHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998Sept.-Oct258-259Why I Loved MFC?Phadke AnantMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
Public Health, Food, Hunger & Mortality Decline In Indian ...
Zurbrigg SheilaNutrition & HungerArticle
1989Sept.-Oct155-156Guest EditorialNarayan Ravi & Mankad DhruvIndigenous MedicineArticle
1994July-Sept208 to 210Bhopal's Social
Pathology, Apathetic Elite Has Failed The Victims
Bidwai PrafulBhopalArticle
1998Nov.-Dec.260-261From The
Editor's Desk, It Is Not A Fish... It Is Not A Fowl...
Sathyamala CRole Of MFC & MembersArticle
1998Nov.-Dec.260-26125 Years Of MFCSen IlinaRole Of MFC & MembersArticle
1998Nov.-Dec.260-261MFC, 25 YearsJayaRao Kamala SRole Of MFC & MembersArticle
Public Health, Food, Hunger And Mortality Decline In Indian..
Zurbrigg SheilaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1998Nov.-Dec.260-261Now The Story
Can Be Told...Or, Opening The Pandora's Box
Sathyamala CMisc: Non-Technical or Non-MedicalArticle
Medical Waste Management In India
Leonard AnnEnvironment & Occupational HealthArticle
1998Nov.-Dec.260-261Very High Child
Mortality In The Tribal Population In Gadhchiroli
Bang Abhay and RaniChildren and HealthArticle
1999July-Aug.262-263People's Health
Care Initiatives in Chattisgarh 
Binayak Sen

1999July-Aug.262-263Advocacy for
Right to Health Care
Abhay Shukla

1999July-Aug.262-263Family Planning,
Population Policy And Mfc
Ravi Duggal

1999July-Aug.262-263A Statement of
Concern from Public Health Scholars and Activists on Primary Health
Care in South Asia

1999July-Aug.262-263KSSP and MFCB Ekbal, Kottayam

1999July-Aug.262-263MFC in the
context of People's Movements A Perspective
Gabriele Dietrich

Education Re-examined. And Beyond
Ravi Narayan and Thelma Narayan

1999Sept-Oct264-265Sex Workers'
Movement in India
S. Jana

1999Sept-Oct264-265HEALTH IS WEALTHWorkers' Solidarity

A Choice!!!
Ulhas Jajoo


Implications of Ageing
Udaya Shankar Mishra

1999Nov-Dec.266-267The Pulse of
Polio Eradication
Prof. T Jacob John

1999Nov-Dec.266-267Experience of
Menopause among rural women Study from south India
Rita Isaac

1999Nov-Dec.266-267First Contact
Care: Flogging a Dead Horse?
Sham Ashtekar

1999Nov-Dec.266-267Report and
Minutes of the mfc Mid-Annual Meet
Madhukar Pai,


Hands-On Workshops

3:00 pm
Building A Custom Module for Divi

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Brad Castle
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4:30 PM
Building & Exporting a Divi Layout Pack

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Charlie Haste

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