MFC Bulletins

From 1976 to 1980
Of Health Services In India
Banerji DHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Present Day Health Problems & Needs
Jaya Rao Kamala S, Nanavati Kartik, Katgade VidyutHealth Services - GeneralReport
Approach : Various `Pathies'
Khanna LalitIndigenous MedicineReport
Friend Circle, Objectives, Organisation & Programmes
Khanna LalitMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1976Jan.-Feb.1-2EditorialPatel AshwinMFC BulletinEditorial
For The People: Finding A Practical Way
Patel AshwinHealth Services - GeneralReport
Of The Second All-India Meet Of MFC
Sadgopal MiraMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
Of The Existing Health Services Systems Of India
Banerji DHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Patel AshwinIndigenous MedicineLetter
Rush For Alternatives
Qadeer ImranaHealth Services - GeneralBook Review
Primary Health Care The New Priority? Yes, But.
Elliott CharlesHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Myth Of The Protein Gap
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerArticle
(Reports Received from Vadodara & Surat Group)
Medico Friend CircleHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsNews
Health Care Centre, Thaltej
Nanavati KartikHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
Phadke AnantMFC BulletinLetter
Primary Health Care The New Priority? Yes But..
Elliott CharlesHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Or "Health Services"?
ManasHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Is The Culprit?
Patel A.BNutrition & HungerLetter
This A Readers' Bulletin
Qadeer ImranaMFC BulletinLetter
Protein Gap
Shah D.PNutrition & HungerLetter
Psychiatry : Principles
Steiner ClaudeMental HealthArticle
- A Health Problem
Patel Amritbhai GTuberculosisArticle
Names - A Ruse For Higher Prices
Phadke AnantDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
Friend, Much Ado About...
Qadeer ImranaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
Regional Camp, Pindval
Soni Mahendra & Thakkar JagdishMalariaReport
Agarwal Atul KumarDrug Industry MalpracticeLetter
Is The Culprit?
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerLetter
Friend (Brand Names)
Kashlikar Shriniwas, Bang AbhayDrug Industry MalpracticeLetter
The Horse's Mouth...
Katagade VidyutMFC BulletinLetter
Drug Industry - An Analysis
Phadke AnantDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
Readers Do Not Respond
Roy DunuMFC BulletinLetter
Do We Fit In?
Sadgopal MiraRole of MFC & MembersArticle
Ado About.
Bang AbhayHealth Services - GeneralLetter
A Deficiency
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerArticle
Energy Economics
ManasMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
Research For Whom?
Singh NarendraNutrition & HungerArticle
Ki Niraksharta Aur Badthi Aabadi
Bang PadmajaPopulation Growth & ControlDialogue
MFC Camp, Kerala
Chandran NaveenHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
Tsetung's June 26th Directive Of 1965
Patel AshwinMedical EducationReport
Research For Whom?
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerLetter
Limits Of Fasting
Medico Friend Circle (member)Indigenous MedicineLetter
Explosion - Myth & Reality
Phadke AnantPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
Enough About Myths
Shah SuhasMFC BulletinLetter
Ado About...
Qadeer ImranaHealth Services - GeneralLetter
Problem - A View Point
Qadeer ImranaPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
Two Ways
Schumacher E.FMedical EducationNote
Control & Cultural Values
Shah D.PPopulation Growth & ControlLetter
& Allopathy
Vaidya BapalalIndigenous MedicineArticle
: How Much An Economic Waste
Jaya Rao Kamala SDrug MisuseArticle
& Allopathy
Jaya Rao Kamala S, Singh TejinderIndigenous MedicineLetter
Baby Killer
Mike MullerNutrition & HungerArticle
Problem : A View Point
Jaya Rao Kamala SPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
Care In The Context Of Self - Reliant Development
Parmar Samuel LHealth Services - GeneralArticle
& Allopathy
Phadke AnantIndigenous MedicineLetter
Health Assistants
Shah P.M, Junnarkar A.R & Dhole V.SCommunity Health WorkerArticle
Names and Tonics
Singh Tejinder & Kaur CharanjeetDrug MisuseLetter
1977Jan.13Proceedings Of The
Third All India Meet Of MFC
Bhatt NimittaMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
Aspects Of The Nutrition Problem In India
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerReport
1977Jan.13Malaria Eradication
Programme : Its genesis
Patel Anil BMalariaArticle
1977Jan.13EditorialPatel AshvinMFC BulletinEditorial
1977Jan.13Health Services : An
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralReport
1977Feb.14The Green Revolution
Medico Friend CircleNutrition & HungerCompiled
1977Feb.14Malaria Eradication
Versus Malaria Control : A Case Of Confusion Of Terms
Patel AnilMalariaArticle
1977Feb.14Needed - New
Managers For Medical Colleges
Pro Bono PublicoMedical EducationLetter
1977Feb.14How Relevant Are
Feeding Programmes
Qadeer ImranaNutrition & HungerArticle
1977Feb.14Role Of Various
"Pathies" In Community Health
Soni Mahendra & Khushroo SurahiwalaIndigenous MedicineReport
1977Feb.14A Simplistic ApproachWarerkar U.RChildren & HealthBook Review
1977Mar.15Neede-New Managers
For Medical Colleges
Dey Shyamal Kumar & Jindal TejpalMedical EducationLetter
1977Mar.15Health Care Delivery
Through ESIC
Katagade VidyutHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1977Mar.15Doctor's Camp At
Kishore Bharati, A Probe Into The cycle of poverty & dis
Sadgopal Mira & Gupta VasanthiHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1977April16The Green Revolution
For Whom?
Jawlekar KalpanaNutrition & HungerLetter
Jaya Rao Kamala SPopulation Growth & ControlLetter
1977April16How Important Is
Birth Weight In Infant Health
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerArticle
1977April16Malaria Control
Programme : An Integral Part Of Community Health & Devl.
Patel AnilMalariaArticle
1977April16Limitations &
Role Of MFC
Phadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1977April16Milk For The BabyV.SNutrition & HungerArticle
1977May17Knowledge Is
Kothari Manu & Mehta LopaMedical EducationArticle
1977May17Needed New Managers
For Medical Colleges
Nene Damodar. VMedical EducationLetter
1977May17Few Points To Ponder
Prem RaginiHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1977May17Malaria In
Post-Independence India
Sen BinayakMalariaArticle
1977June18The Effects Of The
Professional Agnosticism Of Scientists
Conklin Edwin GrantProblems Of DoctorsNote
1977June18Dear Friend : Health
Care Delivery Through ESIC
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsLetter
1977June18Points Of View :
Medicine 2000 AD
Kothari Manu & Mehta LopaProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1977June18The Child In The
Health Care
Nene D.VChildren & HealthBook Review
1977July19A Topic For Study
Kapur SitaIndigenous MedicineLetter
1977July19How Drug Companies
KeematDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1977July19Adequate, Clean,
ManasWater Supply & SanitationBook Review
1977July19Nutritional Problem
In India
Singh NarendraNutrition & HungerArticle
1977July19How Important Is
Birth Weight In Infant Health
V.SNutrition & HungerLetter
1977Aug.20New National Health
Jain T.PHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1977Aug.20Relevance OF ICMR
Research Project - Teacher's Training As Bare Foot Docs
Jaju Ulhas NCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1977Aug.20To Which School
Shall We Send Our Children?
Jaya Rao Kamala SChildren & HealthLetter
1977Aug.20Food For Heart?Nene D.VNutrition & HungerLetter
1977Sept.21Can Doctors
Sympathise With Abortion?
Dingwaney ManjariContraception & AbortionLetter
1977Sept.21Are We Truly
J.K.SMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalLetter
1977Sept.21How Important Is
"Size At Birth"?
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerLetter
1977Sept.21A Programme For
Immediate Action
Phadke AnantHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1977Oct.22Bandukoan Se Ghire
Desh Mein
Bang AbhayHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1977Oct.22Increase In The
Seats For Medical Students In Maharashtra
Jaju UlhasMedical EducationLetter
1977Oct.22Health By The PeopleNowlan DavidHealth Services - GeneralExtract
1977Oct.22Community Health In
Vithal RajanHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1977Nov.23Bandukoan Se Ghire
Desh Mein
Bang AbhayHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1977Nov.23Population Control
Vis-A-Vis Family Welfare
Maheshwari SureshPopulation Growth & ControlArticle
1977Nov.23Up Against New
Medical Colleges
Patel BhanuMedical EducationLetter
Participation In Health Services
Qadeer ImranaHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1977Nov.23New National Health
Shah D.PHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1977Dec.24Kissa Khesari kaJaya Rao Kamala SLathyrismArticle
1977Dec.24Training Of DaisSadgopal MiraMaternal HealthArticle
1978Jan.25Why An Alternative
Health Policy?
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978Jan.25The VHW - Lackey Or
Werner DavidCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1978Feb.26Kissa Khesari KaBang AbhayLathyrismLetter
1978Feb.26Health Services In
India: An Introspection
Bang RaniHealth Services - GeneralReport
1978Feb.26The Scope Of Health
Katgade VidyutHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1978Feb.26A Story Of R FactorPatel Anil BRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1978Feb.26EditorialPatel AshvinMFC BulletinEditorial
1978Feb.26Proceedings Of The
Fourth All India Meet Of MFC
Sadgopal MiraMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1978Mar.27Two Ways For Health
Bernis G. Destanne DeHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978Mar.27How Not To Try
Solving Nutritional Problems?
Singh NarendraNutrition & HungerArticle
1978April28Two Ways For Health
Bernis G. Destanne DeHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978April28Doctors In The Drug
Industry's Pocket
Concerned Rush StudentsDrug Industry MalpracticeArticle
1978April28Increased Percentage
Of Caesarean Deliveries In Private Hospitals
Gole SanjeevaneeMaternal HealthLetter
1978April28MFC-Which Way To Go?Phadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1978May29Dear FriendBang AbhayRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1978May29Increased Percentage
of Caesarean Deliveries In Private hospitals
Jajoo UlhasMaternal HealthLetter
1978May29Why Andragogy?Kabuga CharlesScience & PeopleArticle
1978May29Current Concepts In
New England Journal Of MedicineScience & PeopleExtract
1978May29Dear FriendPhadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1978May29MFC-Which Way To Go?Qadeer ImranaRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1978May29Which Way The
Bulletin To Go?
Singh TejinderMFC BulletinLetter
1978June30EditorialBang AbhayMFC BulletinEditorial
1978June30One "Sir" Every Two
Bang RaniHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1978June30Kissa Khesari Camp
Ka, What Has The Government Done in past 17 yrs
Barreto LuisLathyrismArticle
1978June30Making The Community
Gideon HelenHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978July31Political Dimensions
Of Health & Health Services
Banerji DHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978July31EditorialBang AbhayMFC BulletinEditorial
1978July31Drinking Water,
Newer Appropriate Techniques Vis-à-vis experinces in vill
Gupta V.K & Takiar Sunil KumarWater Supply & SanitationArticle
1978July31A Para-medical
Worker Paid Rs.6 Per Month
Indian Medical AssociationCommunity Health WorkerNews
1978July31Aarogya Ki Samasya
Aur Vaidakiya Shiksha
Jhite M.GIndigenous MedicineArticle
1978July31Hyde Park,
Doctor-Patient Relationship: An Acute Crisis
Patel ArunProblems Of DoctorsReport
1978July31About The BulletinSadgopal MiraMFC BulletinLetter
1978Aug.32Health Work As A
Lever For Social & Economic Change
Banerji DRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1978Aug.32From Awareness To
Bang AbhayRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1978Aug.32Role Of Non-MedicosGaitonde RavindraRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1978Aug.32Pujai: An Experience
With Mud & Rain
Kapadia Nafisa FHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1978Aug.32Why Hyde Park?Kathiria VallabhMFC BulletinLetter
1978Aug.32I Would Like To
Visit Nagpur
Ladiwala UmaHealth Services in Other CountriesLetter
1978Aug.32News Clippings
(Smoking Burns Up Memory)
Medico Friend CircleEnvironmental & Occupational HealthNews
1978Aug.32Doctors & Family
Panat SavitaPopulation Growth & ControlLetter
1978Aug.32Hyde Park - MFC
-Which Way To Go?
Roy Dunu, Qadeer ImranaRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1978Sept.33EditorialBang AbhayIndigenous MedicineEditorial
1978Sept.33Nurses : The Cursed
Bang RaniThe Nursing ProfessionArticle
1978Sept.33Medical Education in
Dhaddha Sidhdaraj, Kumar Suresh R, George John T,Medical EducationLetter
1978Sept.33Clinical Trials With
Some Ayurvedic Preparations
Kanchana Mala N.PIndigenous MedicineArticle
1978Sept.33Physiology &
Kashalikar ShriniwasMedical EducationReport
1978Sept.33PoemMattew, Bharati DharamveerMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalPoem
1978Sept.33News ClippingsMedico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralNews
1978Sept.33Modern Medicine
& Ayurveda: A Synthesis For People's Medicine
Vaidya Ashok BIndigenous MedicineArticle
1978Oct.34Rural Orientation Of
Policy Makers
Bang AbhayHealth Services - GeneralNews
1978Oct.34Dava Ayurveda Ki,
Anubhav Intern Ki
Jajoo SuhasIndigenous MedicineArticle
1978Oct.34Settle The Questions
Once & For All?
Jaya Rao Kamala SRole of MFC & MembersArtilce
1978Oct.34News ClippingsMedico Friend CircleHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1978Oct.34The Rural Health
Care Scheme - My View
Medico Friend CircleHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978Oct.34Amen, Gulab Pur Aisa
Vakat Kabhi Na Aye
Mishra Bhavani PrasadMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalPoem
1978Oct.34MFC - Which Way To
Phadke AnantRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1978Oct.34Dilemma Of
Individual Medico
Qadeer ImranaRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1978Oct.34MFC NewsSoni MahendraHealth Services in Other CountriesReport
1978Nov.35EditorialBang AbhayRole of MFC & MembersEditorial
1978Nov.35Bhagwat's Seven LawsBhagwat Arvind GHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1978Nov.35Medical Council  ElectionsGole SanjeevaneeProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1978Nov.35MFC NewsMedico Friend CircleMFC BulletinReport
1978Nov.35Economic Chagnge Is
Not The Panacea : Health Work Can Become The Key
Patel AnilRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1978Nov.35Prayer Of The HungryRendra W.SNutrition & HungerPoem
1978Nov.35Drug Prescription :
Service To Whom?
Shatrughna VeenaDrug MisuseArticle
1978Nov.35Medical Education
& Investigation Dependence
Singh TejinderMedical EducationLetter
1978Nov.35Decision Is EssentialWagh HemantRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1978Dec.36EditorialBang AbhayChildren & HealthEditorial
1978Dec.36Need For A Parents'
Das Jagannath Prasad, Choudhuri ManmohanChildren & HealthArticle
1978Dec.36You May Find These
Foundation For Teaching Aids At Low CostHealth Services - GeneralNews
1978Dec.36In Search Of
Appropriate Medicine
Gambhir AjayRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1978Dec.36Hello! Hello!
Village Posting Se Likh Raha Hun
Jajoo SuhasProblems Of DoctorsReport
1978Dec.36On The `Cursed
Pateriya AshokThe Nursing ProfessionLetter
1978Dec.36MFC Friend In U.S.ARindani A.BRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1978Dec.36Is A Stethoscope
Appropriate Technology?
Roy Dunu & Qadeer ImranaScience & PeopleArticle
1979Jan.37The National Water
Barreto LuisWater Supply & SanitationArticle
1979Jan.37The Needle In The
Bearden James C. Jr.Science & PeopleArticle
1979Jan.37Unemployment Among
Sen Binayak & Barreto LuisProblems Of DoctorsExtract
Medicine':An Apeal For Vigilant Action
Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat, Arogya Dakshata MandalRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1979Feb.38Proceedings Of Fifth Annual
Meet Of MFC
Barreto LuisMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1979Feb.38The Challenge Of History To
Dharmadhikari DadaProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1979Feb.38Unemployment Among Doctors
X 50 Heads
Patel AnilProblems Of DoctorsReport
1979Feb.38Operation MedicineSonwalkar AparnaRational Drug Therapy & ActionLetter
1979Mar.39A small VoiceUNICEFMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalExtract
1979Mar.39EditorialBang AbhayLeprosyEditorial
1979Mar.39Great - Grandson Of
Mahatma Gandhi Writes
Gokani AnandRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1979Mar.39Leprosy Control:
Problems & The Possibilities
Gupte M.DLeprosyArticle
1979Mar.39New Developments In
International Leprosy CongressLeprosyArticle
1979Mar.39News Clipping (Too
Much Iron In Milk)
Medico Friend CircleNutrition & HungerNews
1979Mar.39Can India Eradicate
Pandya S.SLeprosyArticle
1979Mar.39Health Project- A
Means Of Social Change
Parikh IndumatiHealth Services in Other CountriesArticle
1979Mar.39Search Of UtilisationPuniyani DushyantRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1979April40DialogueBang RaniRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1979April40Intern: Na Ghar Ka,
Na Ghat Ka
Gupta Vrug BhushanProblems Of DoctorsDialogue
1979April40God That Is FailingKnaus William AScience & PeopleArticle
1979April40Operation Medicine,
On The Path Of Agitation
Nagpur TimesProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1979April40Peep In The Child's
Rani PadmajaChildren & HealthArticle
1979April40To A Soul`In Search
Of Utilisation'
Sen BinayakRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1979April40Leprosy Control In
India, Review Of The Situation & Suggestions For Futur
Sharma R.SLeprosyArticle
1979May41Rogi Kaun?Banrat SuganHealth Services - GeneralNote
1979May41The Plan Plants A
Time Bomb
Chopra PranMisc.:Non Teachnical or Non MedicalArticle
1979May41Genes And The SocietyHuxley JulianScience & PeopleArticle
1979May41What Can Be DoneKashalikar ShrinivasRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1979May41MFC News (Meeting Of
MFC Group At Calicut, Kerala)
Medico Friend CircleHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsNews
1979June42Threat To P.S.MAgarwal DineshMedical EducationLetter
1979June42Polygamy &
Positive Eugenics
Choudhury BasantScience & PeopleLetter
1979June42Training Of DaisGupta Shiv DuttaMaternal HealthArticle
1979June42Nutrition In India,
Medical Problem: Political Solution
Lele R.DNutrition & HungerArticle
1979June42India Is KundungalMedico Friend CircleHealth Services in Other CountriesNews
1979June42Eugenics Is
Anti-Evolutionary, Anti-Democratic
Patel AnilScience & PeopleLetter
1979June42News Clipping :
Alcohol: The Problems Increase
Science TodayEnvironmental & Occupational HealthNews
1979July43Acute Renal Failure
In North India
Chugh K.SMisc.: Technical & MedicalArticle
1979July43Karim Baba: Bimarion
Ke Sath Dhokebaji
Habib AmarMental HealthLetter
1979July43Nutrition: Medical
Problem - Political Solution
Jaya Rao Kamala SNutrition & HungerLetter
1979July43Dear FriendPatel AnilNutrition & HungerLetter
1979July43About MFCSharmandal D.S and Gokhale SharadMFC BulletinLetter
1979July43Who Are The Real
Sukhatme P.VNutrition & HungerArticle
1979Aug.44Aamin! Gulab Par Yeh
Bang AbhayRole of MFC & MembersEditorial
1979Aug.44Why Retired Doctors
For The Villages?
Bhagwat Arvind GRole of MFC & MembersDialogue
1979Aug.44The Rural
Internship: The Facts & The Factors
Chandra ShivProblems Of DoctorsDialogue
1979Aug.44Learn From Others
Gandhi Peace FoundationWater Supply & SanitationNews
1979Aug.44City Doctors Go To
The Country Side, A Chinese Surgeon's Experinces
Huang Chia SsuProblems Of DoctorsArticle
1979Aug.44Approach To The
Health Problems In Famine
Patel Anil BHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1979Aug.44Pollution : The Time
To Act
Medico Friend CircleEnvironmental & Occupational HealthExtract
1979Sept.45Dear ReaderBang AbhayMFC BulletinLetter
1979Sept.45Changing Emphasis Of
Medico Friend CircleRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1979Sept.45Morbi Disaster :
Health Problems
Patel AnilHealth During Mass CalamityArticle
1979Sept.45Revitalisation of
MFC Hard Introspection: Crucial Decisions
Sen BinayakRole of MFC & MembersArticle
1979Oct.46Kya Bhulun, Kya Yad
Bang AbhayRole of MFC & MembersEditorial
1979Oct.46Medical College Ka
Vatavaran Evam Naye Chatra
Bang AbhayMedical EducationArticle
1979Oct.46National Medical
Education Policy
Bang AbhayMedical EducationArticle
1979Oct.46Concerning Three
Years Medical Course
Sonwalkar AnandMedical EducationDialogue
Rehydration, The Principles, Practice & The possibilities
Damodaran MalathiDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48Sawal Drushtikon
Ka Hai
Bang AbhayMedical EducationLetter
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48News Clipping,
Triumph Reaction
Medico Friend Circle - (Extract from Times Of India)Medical EducationExtract
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48Kudos to MFCGurubani S.GRole of MFC & MembersLetter
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48Teen Varshaon Ka
Diploma Aur Hum
Jajoo SuhasMedical EducationDialogue
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48When The Search
Medico Friend Circle (Sevagram Group)Role of MFC & MembersArticle
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48When The Search
Began (Field Experience)
Medico Friend Circle (Sevagram Group)Health Services in Other CountriesArticle
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48On Diarrohea
& Rehydration, What, Why & How?
Patel AnilDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48Will The Retired
Doctors Do?
Puniwani DushyantProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48Natural Calamity
: An Opportunity
Shah Rohit KHealth During Mass CalamityLetter
1979Nov.-Dec.47-48Guidelines For
The Treatment & Prevention of Dehydration
Treatment & Prevention of Dehydration in DiarrheaDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationExtract
1980Jan.49Comprehensive Rural
Health Project, Jamkhed
Arole R.SHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1980Jan.49Thode Se Bache Aur
Baki Bache
Devtale ChandrakantaChildren & HealthPoem
1980Jan.49DialogueJajoo Suhas, Bang AbhayMedical EducationDialogue
1980Jan.49Gowri & the
International Year of the child
Nair SChildren & HealthArticle
1980Jan.49Three Year Medical
Patel AnilMedical EducationDialogue
1980Jan.49Comparision Of The
Doctor & The Village Health Worker
Werner DavidCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1980Feb.50Dear FriendDesikan K.VHealth Services in Other CountriesLetter
1980Feb.50Kahani - Ek Nurse
Ki, Aur Stree Ki Bhi!
Bang AbhayProblems Of DoctorsNews
1980Feb.50Who is Malnourished:
Mother or the Woman?
Jaya Rao Kamala SMaternal HealthArticle
1980Feb.50Abortion : The
Woman's Plight & Right
PeopleContraception & AbortionExtract
1980Mar.51Rewards Beyond
Medico Friend Circle - (Extract from EPW)Population Growth & ControlBook Review
1980Mar.51Health & SocietyGanguli MHealth Services - GeneralNews
1980Mar.51Community Health
Maru RushikeshCommunity Health WorkerArticle
1980Mar.51Women As Consumers
of Medical Care
Sanford WendySexist Bias In HealthDialogue
1980April52EditorialBang AbhayRole of MFC & MembersEditorial
1980April52Proceedings of MFC
General Body Meeting
Jaya Rao Kamala SMFC Meet Reports (Organisational)Report
1980April52Water Supply In
Tropical Countries - Quantity Vs Quality
Patel AnilWater Supply & SanitationArticle
1980April52The Readers Speak
About MFC Bulletin
Patel Anil & Bhargava AshokMFC BulletinArticle
1980April52VI All-India Annual
Meet of MFC At Jamkhed
Sadgopal MiraCommunity Health WorkerReport
1980April52CHW, National
Vaidya Ashok BCommunity Health WorkerLetter
1980May-June53-54Concern of Young
Indian ScienceScience & PeopleReport
1980May-June53-54Editor's NoteJaya Rao Kamala SMFC BulletinEditorial
Management In Health Bureaucracy
Mara Rushikesh, Murthy Nirmala, RaoHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1980May-June53-54Vigyan-Jatra In
Phadke AnantScience & PeopleArticle
1980May-June53-54Ban On
Tetracycline Liquid Form
Pune Journal Of Continuing Health EducationRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1980May-June53-54The Veppampet
Tharyan Tharyan, Joseph AbrahamHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1980July55Primary Health CareBarreto LuisHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1980July55Training of Doctors
& Delivery Of Health Care In developing countries
Cook G.CMedical EducationView-Point
1980July55Editor's Note
(Doctors' Strike)
Jaya Rao Kamala SProblems Of DoctorsEditorial
1980July55Why Doctors Too
Rao Jagannath, P.V, More, Thomas, MProblems Of DoctorsView-Point
1980July55Dear FriendsShinde D.AWater Supply & SanitationLetter
1980July55Vitamin TherapyThe American Journal Of Clinical NutritionDrug MisuseNews
1980Aug.56In Search of
Appropriate Medicine-I, Cough Mixture
Chugh SanjivRational Drug Therapy & ActionArticle
1980Aug.56The Attitude of
Society & The Psychiatrist Towards Madness
Dhara RamanaMental HealthArticle
1980Aug.56EditorialJaya Rao Kamala SMental HealthEditorial
1980Aug.56Mental Health
Education For Auxiliaries
Murthy Srinivasa RMental HealthArticle
1980Aug.56Auxiliaries &
Mental Health Care
Murthy Srinivasa R & Wig N.NMental HealthArticle
1980Aug.56Dear FriendSurana SubhashRational Drug Therapy & ActionLetter
1980Sept.57The Worcester Ward :
Violence Against Women
CSIV, Science For The PeopleSexist Bias In HealthExtract
1980Sept.57The Paramedics Of
Savar: An Experiment In Communimity Health In Bangla De
Developmet DialogueHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsExtract
1980Sept.57In Search Of
Appropriate Medicine - II
Jajoo UlhasTuberculosisArticle
1980Oct.58Learning From The
Savar Project
Bang AbhayHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1980Oct.58Kerala : A Health
Yardstick For India
Jaya Rao Kamala SHealth Services - GeneralArticle
1980Oct.58Dear Friend
(Unethical Medical Practices)
Punwani DushyantProblems Of DoctorsLetter
1980Nov.59ACHAN A New Asian
Bang AbhayHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1980Nov.59Learning From The
Savar Project
Bang AbhayHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsArticle
1980Nov.59Dear Friend :
People's Participation
Deshpande MohanHealth Services - GeneralLetter
1980Nov.59The Child In IndiaGopalan CChildren & HealthArticle
1980Dec.60A Worker's Speech To
A Doctor
Brecht BertoltScience & PeoplePoem
1980Dec.60The Child In IndiaGopalan CChildren & HealthExtract
1980Dec.60Issues In Oral
Hirschhorn NourtseyDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1980Dec.60Oral Reydration
Therapy : Do You Believe In It?
Jaya Rao Kamala SDiarrhea & Oral RehydrationArticle
1980Dec.60Cini-Child In Need
Medico Friend CircleHealth Schemes,Projects & GroupsReport
1980Dec.60Do You Know This?Medico Friend CircleDrug MisuseNews
1980Dec.60A New Strategy For
PeopleDrug Policy AlternativesExtract