Medico Friend Circle(MFC)


Medico Friend Circle (MFC) is a nation-wide group of socially conscious individuals interested in the health problems of the people. It is a loosely knit group of friends from various backgrounds, medical and non-medical, often differing in their ways of thinking and in their modes of action.

It is an organization which has operated for forty eight years as a ‘thought current’ without allegiance to a specific ideology. Its only commitment has been to intervene in and understand the debates, policies and practices of health in Independent India. The understanding that our present health service is lopsided and is in the interest of a privileged few prevails as a common conviction. It has critically been analyzing the existing health care system and has tried to evolve an appropriate approach towards health care which is humane, and which can meet the needs of the vast majority of the people in our country.

About MFC Meetups

Please book your tickets early and confirm attendance on the egroup. You could also write to the convenors Savitri D (, Priyadarsh T ( and Nidhin C ( for further information and to confirm your participation.